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    lg express cool gc-309bvs

    Anyone have experience with a lg express cool gc-309bvs ? I bought it a couple years ago off someone who had brought it back from Germany. I have built the adapters so I can run it off of 240v. It is rated for 50hz but from what I’ve read it should be an issue having in on our 60hz system. My...
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    Almost done. Going to brew tomorrow despite still needing to do trim and drawers/doors. About 6.5’ long, 56” of bench space. 40 amp service from a basement outlet via a RV extension cord. Servicing a 30A GFCI, 15A GFCI (lights/fan/PID), 20A GFCI (bench outlets). Auber Ezboil (DSPR320) with temp...
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    Feedback on Electrical Design

    I'm about to enclose my electric brewing cabinet and I wanted to put the basic wiring out there for just a quick double check. I probably should have gone with a turn-key kit, but I enjoy electrical work and small carpentry projects. Attached is a picture of the setup. Power is coming to it via...
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    50hz Fridge on Std 60hz

    Have an opportunity to get a European fridge locally. Runs on 220-240v but advertised as 50hz. I have 240 in my basement. Do I need to worry about the hz? Would need to make a plug adapter as well. Going over to look at it this afternoon. Hopefully it says 50/60hz on the spec plate. Looks like a...
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    Tile For Brew Stand Surface?

    I have enough spare tile, backer, and thinset from previous projects that I could use it as a surface for my project, 2’x5’. But I’m thinking it would suck heat out of the kettle and make glass carboys, stir flasks, and general glassware more prone to breaking. Anybody use tile and love it...
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    Blow off Krausen

    Brewing a basic ale with starter from WLP001, over shot my volume, filled the glass carboy too high, covered with foil, and had a massive blow off inside my fermentation chamber (a repurposed wine cooler). But as a consequence of the blowoff I’m seeing a lot less sediment settling to the...
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    Extension cord

    I picked up something similar for $60 last week. These seems like a good deal for those that need to bring power to their subpanels.
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    Silical Gel for For Absorbing Water Vapor From Electric Brewing

    Anybody tried it? I was thinking the two ways would be either - Actively vent the water vapor coming off the brew pot through the silica gel (for those that can't vent outside) - Put a false lid on the top of the kettle and just led the beads sit on top. They have color changing beads that...
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    Hop The Strike Water

    Anybody ever hop the strike water? I threw some fresh hops in the strike water as it was ramping up to 170. Was thinking that if I lowered the volume and brought it to boil for a bit then could add cooler water to bring it back down for the mash.
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    PID and SSR in Separate Enclosures

    I was thinking of separating the SSR w/Heatsink from the PID. Have them in separate enclosures and have the PID served from a 120v source and the SSR direct from a 240v - 30A GFCI breaker. Logic is that from subpanel the 240v breaker is only serving the SSR and Heat Coil. From same subpanel...
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    Growing Hops with live Bamboo

    My first time growing hops will be this year. Current plan is to get metal trash cans for each variety and use them for basic container gardening. Logic being it would be easier to move plants later. I have a ton of bamboo and will use poles of it for growing hops, but.... has anybody...
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    Single Enclosure for GFCI and Controller

    For those using spa panel or sub panel with GFCI, have you integrated the brewery controls (PID, buzzers, switches, temp probe receptacle,....) into the enclosure? Seems like most people have the spa panel feed the separate control panel. I was just thinking one box would be preferable to two.
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    10 Gallon Cooler + Carboy with Glycol Chilling from Minifridge

    Just wanted to throw this out before I start my build, it makes sense to me, but input is always helpful. I have two 10 gallon coolers for mlt/hlt and it seems like they should be used more than just on brew day. I also have a mini fridge with separate freezer compartment. - Drill holes and...
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    Another Mash Option

    Insulated Beverage containers: Rice Cooker?
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    Stainless steel sink for HLT and/or mash tun

    Wondering if anybody has used a stainless steel kitchen sink for an electric HLT or mash tun. I have a short basement and was thinking if I did a three tier gravity that a sink would save a lot in height. Plus they are normally pretty cheap used. The plumbing adapters required might end up...
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    Just a thought on brewing location.

    I'm a novice brewer at best. Just finished brewing a basic extract kit. Have been looking over future equipment. And in consideration of electric vs propane, which is a natural extension of inside vs outside... I think it comes down to where do I want to sit. In the end we are all watching water...