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    Fermenting in the 70s

    I thought this was going to be a thread about fermenting practices from the 1970’s....disappointed.
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    The most expensive way to Homebrew

    Almost two years later the world's most expensive homebrew system is.......?
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    Would you brew in the bathroom?

    I plan to brew sometimes (winter and other weather conditions) in my shower. There is an exhaust fan, a drain and a water supply. I'll be using a 110 ebiab setup so power is easy as well.
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    Clawhammer Supply BIAB Review

    Can anyone comment on recirculating rates? Have any difficulties with balancing the flow rates?
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    National Homebrew Competition 2019

    MN results were posted. No score sheets emailed yet.
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    North Dakota Looking for LHBS in or around Grand Forks

    I have yet to check this place out, but someone is opening a homebrew shop in Wahpeton. Here is the link for their Facebook page. Please don't take this as an endorsement!
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    British Lager Yeast?

    True, as I said it just prompted the question of if there was such a thing of a British lager yeast.
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    British Lager Yeast?

    Here is the link It's an older article and is just a list.
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    British Lager Yeast?

    I just read an article on the top 10 British Lagers. Is there a traditional British Lager yeast? Never really thought of it before reading this article.
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    Recommend a yeast to use, please

    Sorry for the late response, I've been way. Thanks for the input so far. I've never bought Stout malt before so had to look it up, it seems to be similar to Maris Otter and the Brown Malt is like 65 lovibond. So I was planning on using just these two malts. Nothing resembling a stout. I'm...
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    Recommend a yeast to use, please

    Prize for a winning beer was 10lbs Stout Malt, 1lb Brown and an ounce of Calypso Hops. I plan on brewing a beer using these winnings, curious what yeast you'd recommend? I usually use White Labs. Thanks
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    To those that participate or used to participate in competitions

    That's encouraging! Thanks. I've run out of the beer that I would've liked to submit to another competition. I certainly agree that the comments (and potential swag) are the best part of competing.
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    To those that participate or used to participate in competitions

    Are the comments close? If I had more of a recent entry on hand, I'd submit it to another comp to see if the judges had the same comments. I wonder how flight positioning effects scoring and comments.
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    To those that participate or used to participate in competitions

    Thanks, for the reply. I doubt the common response will be - I did so well on my first competition that I stopped! I get it though.
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    To those that participate or used to participate in competitions

    I'd like to hear stories about your experiences. Do you commonly enter the same beer to multiple competitions? What criteria do you use to determine this? If you quit entering competitions - why? Thanks!
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    Small town brewery

    If your beer makes it to Fargo, I'll drink some.
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    Sometimes mistakes work out.

    My brewing partner and I planned to brew an American Stout, using up some leftover grains. We had a few vials of WLP060 so planned to use that. Starter, started day before and no action morning of. The expiration date had past, so our options were to 1)try to pitch the other two vials or 2)...
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    Am I following this correctly?

    Thanks for all the input, I appreciate it and will certainly consider doing a kettle sour. However, can anyone comment if the process I posted of sour mashing was correct?
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    Am I following this correctly?

    Thinking of brewing a sour, maybe Gose or Berliner. After reading lots, I still have lots of questions. It seems a good entry to the sour brewing would be sour mash. I'm going to list my understanding of sour mashing and please let me know if I understand it or not. 1. Mash in normally...