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    Need help understanding yeast

    Hi Everyone, I needed help understanding what is happening with a yeast experiment. In my experiment, I use all-purpose flour and baker's yeast because they are readily available, cheap, and easy to mix. First experiment: 250 grams all-purpose flour, 200 grams water, 1/6 TEASPOON...
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    Alternatives for yeast nutrients?

    Hi Everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any input on alternative yeast nutrients that would be readily available in the kitchen. Peanut butter seems to be a good one but it has a strong smell/taste. Any other ideas? I'm trying to find a different source other than commercially available...
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    Mead versus Sugar water tastes

    Why do you think that mead made with just honey, water, and yeast tastes OK, but a ferment made with water, table sugar, and yeast tastes so bad? Sam
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    How to get brewers yeast to like potato and flour

    Hi Everyone. I was wondering how to get brewers yeast to like potato and flour as a ferment? I am using generic ale yeast from Mr. Beer cans for my test so I don't have a specific strain to name. For my test I boil 100 grams of potatoes and mix it with 25 grams of white flour and add 300 grams...
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    What am I missing about wort aeration?

    Hi Everyone. I had a question about why to aerate wort. From what I have gathered, one aerates wort so that when you pitch the yeast there is oxygen in the wort which allows the yeast to reproduce. Without the oxygen the yeast can't reproduce. My understanding is that once the oxygen is...
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    How to make yeast autolysis?

    Hi Everyone. I am working on flavor profiles and I was wondering if anyone knew how to force yeast to autolysis? I know that it will slowly do it if left in the brew, but I want to make a few tablespoons of it. Thanks, Sam
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    How to calculate alcohol from grams sugar used?

    Hi Everyone. Does anyone know how to calculate resulting alcohol in grams based on grams of sugar from a nutritional label? For instance if I look at a jar of honey I see it has 16 grams of "sugar" per 21 grams of honey. Is there a way (or a calculator that you can point me to) where I can...
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    Increasing alcohol production fast

    Hi Everyone. I was wondering if anyone knew how to increase the rate of alcohol production in wine/beer without increasing time, amount of yeast, or temperature. Is this even possible? Do some strains of yeast produce alcohol faster than others? I have yeast, bacteria, and enzymes doing their...