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    Mead by Christmas?

    I want to make 3 gallons of mead and bottle and give it out as Christmas gifts to my family this year, If I make it this weekend will I have a enough time? I have a fermentation chamber so I can strictly control the temperature. I am planning on making a basic mead. Thanks!
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    Back in the swing of things Summer Wheats

    Its been a while since I have posted, been away from brewing due to life changes, job, marriage, children but I wanted to post a couple of summer brews I am making tomorrow. My base is as follows: 6lbs Wheat DME 2lbs Pilsen DME 2lbs Honey at flame out 4oz Glacier Hops 1.50 60 1.50 20...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Just made an extract Boston Lager Kit
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    Cleaning (NOT sanitizing) bottles...

    A couple of days before I bottle, I put my bottles in the dishwasher and run them through the cycle. I sanitize the day of brewing. If I have some serious crud to clean out, I have a jet bottle washer with hot water in my washer tub in the basement, and it cleans my bottle. I will also attest to...
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    Pumpkin Ales and Secondaries

    I sampled it, I bottled on the 22nd and patiently waiting for carbonation, but it is amazing!!!!!
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    Pumpkin Ale Questions

    I used the spice pack that came with the kit, I doubled the cinammon and nutmeg and added a cup of brown sugar. I just throw my pumpkin the boil, the first time I did this I used a bag but it was pointless, it just went through the holes. I also bake it for 350 for an hour on a couple of cookies...
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    Pumpkin Ale Questions

    I make the ahs kit every year. I double the spices and i bake my canned pumpkin for an hour and then add it to the boil
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    Newell's Groundhog Cider (woodchuck amber clone)

    I used 5 gallons of apple cider, flash pasteurized and champagne yeast. I let it ferment out and use aj concentrate to somewhere around 1.030. After sitting in my keg for almost a year it tastes great. I almost dumped it early on because it tasted horrible but now its great disappointed I do not...
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    DIY 2 stage, single pass beer clarity filter on the cheap

    How long does it take to do 5 gallons?
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    Pumpkin Ales and Secondaries

    I just bottled my pumpkin after three weeks in the primary, there was plenty of trub on the bottom, I started my siphon from the top of my primary to the bottling bucket and I moved it down slowly so that I got clear beer and I stopped siphoning when it started to become cloudy. I also boil my...
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    Hefeweizen and Wlp 300

    WLP300 is like yeast on crack. It was the only yeast I have ever used in which I need a blow off tube.
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    Son of / Mother of Ferm Chiller Feedback?

    I do not use ice anymore
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    Son of / Mother of Ferm Chiller Feedback?

    No indicator light, I just was able to hear when the fan was on. I went with the dehumidifier because I was sick of replacing large tubs of ice, now I can set it and forget it.
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    Son of / Mother of Ferm Chiller Feedback?

    I built one, it worked great until I took apart an old dehumidifier and added it.
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    Band Aid Flavor

    Did you use Sorachi Ace in the boil or dry hop with it? I have always had a phenolic band aid flavor when I have used Sorachi Ace.
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    Buffalo NY group buy?

    I would be interested, but I do not have an account
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    Update to my fermentation chamber

    I was able to get it down to 38 degrees this morning with it being 75 in the garage.
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    Update to my fermentation chamber

    Which other thread the bending copper?
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    Update to my fermentation chamber

    Here is the video of my fermentation chamber As well as some pictures, it has worked great with my johnson controller
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    Fermentation Chamber build

    Yes radio shack has them