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    Great British Beer Festival

    Just wondering if anyone else will be at the beer fest in London in August? My buddy and I are taking our fathers and plan to have a great time. Would be pretty cool if we happened to meet other brewers there!
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    Flaked grain?

    What exactly does flaked grain do for beers that the regular grain won't? And are flaked oats the same as the rolled oats you can get at the grocery store?
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    Flaked Barley substitute?

    Doing a recipe that calls for 4.25 lbs of flaked barley. Any issue with just using additional barley malt and if not, how much? Thanks!
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    Anyone successfully cap Corona bottles?

    Yes, I'm wanting to use Corona bottles to bottle with! NO, I'm not putting beer in them!!! That said, I've noiced that they have the smaller distance from top of bottle to the lip the capper grabs than most american bottles. I currently use a "wing" capper as I guess most people call em...
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    Need sweetener ideas

    I want to make a hard lemonade and am looking to find ideas to sweeten it after the fermentation. I've used splenda in a raspberry beer and had to use a lot of it to get it some what sweet. I'm afraid of using too much and get a nast flavor like adding too much sweet-n-low to tea. Dunno if...
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    Bulk Grain Buy in NC

    A couple friends and I are looking to do a bulk buy from North Country Malts. We are located in Fayetteville, NC. We are hoping to place our order in the next month or so. Currently we can get a pallet shipped for $192. A pallet will hold 42 bags of grain. If we get 37 bags(approx...
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    Need advice for bottling with rum

    I know someone's done the whole banana's foster thing and I'm wondering how it worked for you. My friend and I made a dunkleweissen and plan to bottle it soon with some meyers' rum. 1. How much rum per gallon? 2. Add it to the bottling bucket with the priming sugar? 3. Anything...
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    Need ideas for second mash recipe

    A friend's making a huge beer with just the first runnings of 60+lbs Marris Otter this weekend. Instead of the normal sparge proccess, we're going to add additional grains to the mash and use those runnings for a second beer. We'll be doing the Marris in 30# batches and have decided the first...