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    Vinator Bottle Rinser can you use starsan?

    Will starsan foam too much with this??? Vinator Bottle Rinser
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    how strong is 1/8" plexi-glass?

    Sorry, here is a little more about the chamber I am going to build. It will have a 2x2 perimeter frame with 3 2x2s across it. Then it will have a 1/2" plywood bottom, and a 1" (or 2 inch, not sure yet) insulation board bottom. so, it will be plenty strong underneath it, I just want the...
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    how strong is 1/8" plexi-glass?

    I am looking to build a fermentation chamber and found a really good deal on this. I was going to use this acrylic (plexi-glass) as the inside bottom over my insulation board so that it would be easy to clean up any spills. I found this used sheet for 10% of what 1/4" would cost. The chamber is...
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    is a two hour mash too long?

    I finally have time to brew this weekend, kind of. I have a soccer game in the middle of a six hour gap. Can I mash for the 2 hours I am at the soccer game, then finish the brew day when I get home? It is a Heff and I plan on mashing at 154* Also, do you recomend mashing at 150* or 154* for...
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    2 sanke kegs for sale in So Cal 92831

    Guess I should have put a price, LOL. I would like $40 each, or best offer. What do you have to trade? I would love a plate chiller, corney kegs, jockey box, fermentation chamber, or???
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    2 sanke kegs for sale in So Cal 92831

    Two kegs for sale here in Fullerton CA. Email me at: [email protected]
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    How much does 2000lbs of grain cost?

    Ok, I meant for 2 row. And where I get it from? The cheapest place, like LHBS do. It must be below 70cents too. I can get it for 60cents from my LHBS.
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    How much does 2000lbs of grain cost?

    Does anyone know? I have about 10 people to split grain with. how much does a 2,000lb pallet cost? That is the amount that BULK comes in right?
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    Using a step bit

    So, I am trying to drill a hole in my keg with a step bit. These are the $10 step bits from harbor freight. The first 3 steps went fine, but now I am at about 1/2 inch and it doesnt cut. It just spins and smoke (thats when I stop). Is there a trick to using these bits?
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    How to properly store beer

    maybe. Ill check my space. is 70* ok for kegs too?
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    How to properly store beer

    So, I have quite a few large events coming up in the summer (wedding, camping trips, etc...) and would like to start stock piling the beer now. However, I do not have a temp controled area to store more than 2 cases. At the liquor store they have beer not in the fridge, is this ok for homebrew...
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    Hello from Orange County, California!

    Hey dude, I live in Fullerton, but work in Cypress. I grew up in Bellflower, right down the street from lakewood! I do all grain, and am building a brew rig right now. Hit me up if you wanna brew!
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    My $25 15 gallon fermenter.

    I know that this is an old post, but I need one of these. Know where I can get one? My chest freezer is 16" diameter and 30" tall. I am going to be doing 10 gallon brews.
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    Combining small batches into a large fermenter

    dont you need oxygen in the wort that you put in the fermenter on the 2nd and third days?
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    can you tell me when this co2 tank needs to be retested?

    Found this co2 tank by my house. But when does it need to be retested?
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    Price for Keggle?

    Willynilly, You are right. The distributor does not own anything. The Breweries own the kegs, so these distributors are selling something they dont own. The distributor probably pays the brewery a $30 deposit fee, maybe less. That is why the distributor does not care if they get the keg back...
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    should I buy a stainless steel or copper wort chiller?

    I want to buy a wort chiller (immerson), what is the best to go with? I know that a steel one is stronger, but a copper chills better. How much better does copper chill? I want to chill 10 gallons, and looking to brew once or twice a week. (Sharing the equipment with people.)
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    Ball valves for gas

    So, I am going to plumb my brew rig with some black iron pipe. Is there a special ball valve for gas, or will the brass ones that people use on the brew pot work fine? This will be high pressure propane.
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    The Incredible, Invisible, AG Sculpture (Picture Heavy)

    Thats sweet! I love the sink!