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    lg express cool gc-309bvs

    And we are up and running with one tap. 2nd installed for next batch. Will need to get a third tap after that.
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    lg express cool gc-309bvs

    Ok, about 5 turns of a drill bit and I opened up the drain and can run a gas line down it to the back. Too easy.
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    lg express cool gc-309bvs

    Anyone have experience with a lg express cool gc-309bvs ? I bought it a couple years ago off someone who had brought it back from Germany. I have built the adapters so I can run it off of 240v. It is rated for 50hz but from what I’ve read it should be an issue having in on our 60hz system. My...
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    have you tried fermenting and serving from the same keg without transferring?

    If you brewed the same (or similar) recipe/style consistently, could you just leave the cake in keg? Batch 1: Filter wort and add yeast. Batch 2+: Add filtered wort the cake would of course get thicker each time, but you could just agitate the keg near the end of a batch to draw some off.
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    Yes. The root of the issue is that my basement is a multipurpose area and I was tired of schlepping my gear outside. By putting everything behind a wall i minimize exposure to dust and reduce the clutter on the bench. The goal is to have all the equipment and room temperature material from start...
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    Filling holes in freezer /kegerator

    Wine corks and stickers/magnets.
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    Safe to drill through side of this fridge?

    I have a similar GE fridge. I drilled a hole on the side for co2, but keep the taps inside. I like it so I don’t get dust all over the taps and everything stays cold.
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    Almost done. Going to brew tomorrow despite still needing to do trim and drawers/doors. About 6.5’ long, 56” of bench space. 40 amp service from a basement outlet via a RV extension cord. Servicing a 30A GFCI, 15A GFCI (lights/fan/PID), 20A GFCI (bench outlets). Auber Ezboil (DSPR320) with temp...
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    Those in colder climates, how do you brew?

    Normally it’s the wind that causes issues with brewing outside. Heat loss and blowing the flame out. I’ve brewed in an outside stairwell, which really cut down on the breeze. If I had to brew on a flat area with limited cover I’d probably get a 55 gallon drum or steel trash can and make a wind...
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    Feedback on Electrical Design

    I'm about to enclose my electric brewing cabinet and I wanted to put the basic wiring out there for just a quick double check. I probably should have gone with a turn-key kit, but I enjoy electrical work and small carpentry projects. Attached is a picture of the setup. Power is coming to it via...
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    Idea for a simple Run Dry prevent switch

    Invite a friend over to have a beer and watch the water/wort level.
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    DIY inside brewing vent/exhaust for moisture

    You could always go with the 4" vent and a 6" fan if it looks like the fan is struggling then add a wye and another 4" vent to come off of it. As to the ebiab you could have a T above the reducer. Cap the top, then drill a hole and run a rope (or wire) through it so that you can raise/lower the...
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    DIY inside brewing vent/exhaust for moisture

    What size is the dryer vent? Id worry about sizing the fan to the duct/vent and less about condensation at first. If the fan can move the air properly then that would help alleviate condensation. Do you still need to be able to remove all the gear if guests come over? Also regarding the dryer...
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    DIY inside brewing vent/exhaust for moisture

    If you can... please report back on how this works out and what fan you end up going with.
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    DIY inside brewing vent/exhaust for moisture

    Depending on the diameter of your kettle you could get a reducer, say 16” to 8” and have it sit damn near right over your kettle. Almost like a custom lid.
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    DIY inside brewing vent/exhaust for moisture

    I’m in a similar situation. I’m trying to decide between going out an existing 4” duct, an adjacent hopper window (with 6” or 8” duct), or steam condenser. My big concern is not stinking up my basement. The VTX600 from vortex fans has been recommended around here before. It’s more expensive but...
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    50hz Fridge on Std 60hz

    Have an opportunity to get a European fridge locally. Runs on 220-240v but advertised as 50hz. I have 240 in my basement. Do I need to worry about the hz? Would need to make a plug adapter as well. Going over to look at it this afternoon. Hopefully it says 50/60hz on the spec plate. Looks like a...
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    Brew room design

    In an old condo I had years ago, we demoed the 1950's kitchen. and it had a stainless steel countertop that had an integrated sink. My personal electric brewing use case is different than yours, but if I had the budget I think putting the 3-vessels on a countertop that naturally flowed into a...
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    Tile For Brew Stand Surface?

    I have enough spare tile, backer, and thinset from previous projects that I could use it as a surface for my project, 2’x5’. But I’m thinking it would suck heat out of the kettle and make glass carboys, stir flasks, and general glassware more prone to breaking. Anybody use tile and love it...
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    Temperature Probe Spacer

    Could you just cut the tip off the end with a hacksaw and then file it down?