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    Can inkbird itc-308 be used w/ edgestar kegerator w/ digital thermostat?

    I've heard conflicting info regarding this. My kegerator, which has been set at 36f since August and consistently pouring 39f, went haywire late last week and has now frozen my Kegs twice at this setting. Trying to come up with a viable solution.
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    Bru'n dry Irish stout water/mash pH questions

    hey folks planning to brew my first Irish stout later this week being modeled after this recipe from zymurgy in Nov/Dec 2013: Looking at the listed instructions, if I do a full volume biab mash in about 7.75 gallons of...
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    Top coat needed for epoxy bar top?

    Epoxy was poured two days ago on my hockey stick bar top and it has to cure for at least 3 days. The bar is being kept indoors in our attic, which receives periodic sunlight. I've read epoxy can turn Amber due to uv. I've searched high and low but cannot get a definitive answer on whether a top...
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    Best bru n water profile for brown porter?

    I'm brewing a 5.5 gallon chocolate vanilla coconut brown porter using ro water. Srm is predicted at 24. Which bru n water profile would work best for this style? Brown balanced? Brown dry? Brown full? Should I go with one of the black profiles instead (srm lower than listed for those). Thanks!
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    Help needed for attic home bar layout

    makisupapolice14 makisupapolice14 Aspirant (202) Jun 5, 2005 New York we are currently finishing our attic and within the next few weeks a friend is going to begin building a home bar in a portion of it for us. Any tips you guys might have regarding bar dimensions, seating, layout, etc would be...
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    Best homebrew kegerator/online supplier?

    we are currently renovating our attic and incorporating a home bar as part of it. I have an old 2 tap bev-air bm-23 in our porch bar area and am looking to add a similar sized 2-3 tap kegerator, with a tower fan, in the attic that has the ability to hold 2-3 ball lock kegs and most likely a 5lb...
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    Good water profile and room temp mash ph for an oatmeal stout?

    Brewing my first all grain oatmeal stout and was wondering what folks have had success using. Thanks!
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    Millipore milli-q elix ro system h2o quality report question

    I've been using ro water from the millipore system at my work since last May when I began all grain brewing and building up water profiles. Our service contract for the elix system we have expired quite awhile back and I'm beginning to think, based on recent pH estimates being a bit off, that...
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    Grateful dead and heady topper fans

    I just found these online and being a huge dead head I figured I would share. Looks like they are doing a Black Friday sale right now as well.
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    Northern English brown ale h20 profile help

    im brewing the following northern english brown ale cigar city Maduro clone using full volume (8 gallons 100%ro water) biab. 1.055, 1.014 24.92 I use, 26 srm, 70% efficiency 155f mash temp 7.5 lb marris otter 1.6lb crystal 60 0.4lb uk chocolate 0.65lb brown malt 0.85lb victory malt 1lb rolled...
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    IPA water profile/ph question for biab batch

    I'm planning to do an Ithaca flower power clone recipe using full volume mash for biab and I have a few questions regarding IPA water profile and a good mash ph For ipa. Per the priceless biab calculator, I need 8.5 Gallons of mash water for a 5.5 gallon batch. I use 100% ro water from a...
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    Ball lock keg question (pic inside)

    I have a craigslist lead on used ball locks for $35 each. The seller thought they were pin lock. He's been out of the game for awhile What's the deal with the corny with one handle pictured? Is it good, bad, Or indifferent compared to the traditional two handle rubber ones. Thanks!
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    First biab water use/mash ph question

    Thus far I've successfully brewed 2 IPAs using full volume biab. Both times I've used 100% ro water from work and treated the full volume using gypsum and cacl (and used acid malt) using the suggestions in the brew science water primer thread. Hit my room temp mash ph both times and the beer is...
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    Proposed process for cleaning/filling sanke keg w/out removing spear

    I kegged my first homebrew with a corny keg with great success a week or so ago. I brewed another beer about a week ago and plan to keg within the next few weeks. At the current moment I have 2 Sanke kegs available and I have the sanke to ball lock conversion posts attached to a commercial...
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    $50 pin lock converted to ball lock a good deal?

    A local guy on Craigslist is selling used pin locks that are converted to ball locks for $50. Assuming the kegs are clean and the components are in working order (possibly a big assumption), is that a solid deal? I have an old bev air bm23 that can store up to 3 1/6 barrels so dimensions...
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    Help with biab full volume mash IPA target water profile

    Hey everyone I'm prepping for my second full volume mash (no sparge) biab and I'm seeking some help with water additions. I'm new to all grain brewing and read the primer before my first recipe I brewed last week. For my first recipe, which was also an IPA, I used 100% ro water from a...
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    First biab brew day a relative success!

    After month of reading through the forum and finally having a bit if time I did my first biab last sat as part of big brew day. I've done extract/specialty grains for several years and while my process made very good beer I was ready for a new challenge. I used this recipe, which was an all...
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    Anyone buy a sanke to ball lock conversion kit?

    Like this... There Are a few similar ones on amazon for $30-36. Reviews for the $36 ones are ok but there are plenty stating they leak. Any opinions on these? Really want to be able to seamlessly go from ball lock to sanke...
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    Northern brewer all grain kit deal- good for biab?

    Northern brewer is currently running a deal on 3 all grain kits for about $60 (sans yeast, which I'd buy at the lhbs this time of year anyway due to weather)...
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    3 way gas distribution for single tap kegerator setup question?

    Hi everyone, I just got an old bev-air bm23 up and running. Temps are maintaining as they should and pours have been great. The kegerator is a single tap tower at the moment. Since it is fairly new if like to avoid replacing it with a dual tower for the time being. I currently have a...