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    Sweetening Beer

    I used Splenda in a raspberry brew for the SWMBO. She's pretty happy with it, but a buddy had some awhile back and commented that it tasted like it was sweetened with an artificial sweetener.
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    Great British Beer Festival 2009

    FYI, we booked out tickets through Virgin Vacations a month or two ago. We got round trip airfare and 7 nights hotel stay 2 minutes from the festival for $813 each. That's all the fees and junk included and the hotel is a 4 star.
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    Ale Yeast Recommendation

    If cost isn't too much of a factor, try 3 different ones and go with the one you like. I have 5 different strains in my bank now. I personally recommend Nottingham if you are planning British style ales, but you may also want to consider adding some 2 row to your grain orders.
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    Great British Beer Festival 2009

    My buddy and I are taking our dads. We'll be landing about 730 that first morning and staying through to Sunday. Hope to run into you.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewing a Summer Ale recipe I found in "Radical Brewing" and making up my first recipe for a chocolate stout. I think the SWMBO will also be helping!
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    Buying bottles in DC/Metro area

    Saw once that somone just goes around on recycle day and checks people's recycle bins. This guys said his kids won't let him do it in his own neighborhood though. Lol
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    all you fruit users.....

    Btw, I don't think it was mentioned, but the purpose of freezing is to break up the cellular walls and exposing more of the sugars and flavors in a similar way that pureeing will. As far as worrying about transfering from your fermenter, please realize that you will benefit from fermenting in a...
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    Great British Beer Festival

    Just wondering if anyone else will be at the beer fest in London in August? My buddy and I are taking our fathers and plan to have a great time. Would be pretty cool if we happened to meet other brewers there!
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    Brewing with kids?

    As far as legality goes.... most states allow minors to drink at home under the supervision of their parents. Ethically..... I personally see nothing wrong with a child being educated in the entire process of brewing. In a similar way that a majority of kids that are raised around guns and...
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    NC officially bans smoking in bars / restaurants

    I agree springer! Why can't everyone just be the lemings we're supposed to be and stand in line for our cup of the special Kool-Aid?
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    NC officially bans smoking in bars / restaurants

    Can't wait until we all get to stand in line at the grocery store to get whatever food the state deems we deserve that day!
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    now what? w/pic.s

    Try racking it onto fruit like cherries or raspberries for a week and see if it helps mask the sourness. Just a thought!
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    Epic brew day...

    I find shaking the tank when it get to about a third full help also! You can hear the flame perk right up.
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    What's Up With Wit Wort?

    I recently made a wit using a recipe from "Radical Brewing" that also called for flour. No problems. You asked at some point during this post whether the yeast is supposed to be poured or not. Hooegarden's bottles actually include instruction on a proper pour. They reccomend pouring 2/3 of...
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    Oatmeal Stout Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout

    I've toasted oats for an Oatmeal Cookie Stout before and they really do take quite some time to get toasted.
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    What am I tasting in White Ale??

    I guess I cheated and used 2 tablespoons of orange marmalade in the last 10 mins of a 10 gallon batch. If I were to do it over, I'd use 1 or 1 and a half Tbs. I used the "Nit Wit Strong Wit" recipe from radical brewing and was very happy with it.
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    Flaked Barley substitute?

    Ok already!!! Ya'll have set my head a spinnin! Dang, I just got friday off from work so I guess we're gonna head up to Raleigh and visit the Farmer's Market. What's that honey? The brew store is on the way??? You've got to be kidding me?!?!?!?
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    Flaked grain?

    Thank you for the quick replies!!! I can understand the oats, wheat, rye, and corn, but I'm doing a recipe that calls for a lot of flaked barley. In a previous post i asked if I can just use regular milled barley and got a definitive "NO". The recipe is for a Guiness clone and I'm just...
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    Flaked grain?

    What exactly does flaked grain do for beers that the regular grain won't? And are flaked oats the same as the rolled oats you can get at the grocery store?