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    British Lager Yeast?

    I just read an article on the top 10 British Lagers. Is there a traditional British Lager yeast? Never really thought of it before reading this article.
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    Recommend a yeast to use, please

    Prize for a winning beer was 10lbs Stout Malt, 1lb Brown and an ounce of Calypso Hops. I plan on brewing a beer using these winnings, curious what yeast you'd recommend? I usually use White Labs. Thanks
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    To those that participate or used to participate in competitions

    I'd like to hear stories about your experiences. Do you commonly enter the same beer to multiple competitions? What criteria do you use to determine this? If you quit entering competitions - why? Thanks!
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    Sometimes mistakes work out.

    My brewing partner and I planned to brew an American Stout, using up some leftover grains. We had a few vials of WLP060 so planned to use that. Starter, started day before and no action morning of. The expiration date had past, so our options were to 1)try to pitch the other two vials or 2)...
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    Am I following this correctly?

    Thinking of brewing a sour, maybe Gose or Berliner. After reading lots, I still have lots of questions. It seems a good entry to the sour brewing would be sour mash. I'm going to list my understanding of sour mashing and please let me know if I understand it or not. 1. Mash in normally...
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    Hop Bags

    Using hop bags in the boil, does it matter how tightly the hops are packed in the bag? Started using paint straining bags, tying them off with the hops pretty compacted - does that have an effect on the utilization? Last brew I tied one slightly looser and end up with more trub than when...
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    WTB Corny Keg <2.5 gal

    Would like to have a small keg around to use for cleaning.
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    Marzen - opinions

    All Grain 5.5 gal batch 8lb. German Pilsner 3lb. German Munich Dark 2lb. Caramunich I 1 oz. Hallertau 60 min boil .4 oz Hallertau 10 min boil WLP820 60 Min Mash @ 153 batch sparge 90 Min boil
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    Chapman MLT

    For those that have this mash tun - are you using the upper port? What are you using it for - recirculation, sparge? Pics would be great!