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    How long does grain stay fresh?

    Thanks guys...greatly appreciated
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    How long does grain stay fresh?

    about 6 weeks in air tight package
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    How long does grain stay fresh?

    Quick question - I purchased a mini-Mash Red Stripe clone from Austin Home Brew. I thought I would have the time to brew it right away, but things came up. The grains are still in a air tight bag and the I've kept the liquid yeast in the fridge. Am I good to go??? Just wasn't sure what the...
  4. O first sip!! Thanks everyone

    That is the plan!!!! Now I just need to find more time to brew more. My two little rug rats make it tough.
  5. O first sip!! Thanks everyone

    I just cracked my first beer from my first batch! It was awesome. Thank you for all the help everyone on the forum gave me. It was a Irish Red Ale....I followed the 1-2-3 model and my patience paid off. I had to drive to my old man's to have him try one and then had my brother over.....I...
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    totally new/what do I buy?

    I used Midwest Brew Supply and was extremely pleased with their products, service, etc. Went for the mid level kit...probably paid more than from your LHBS, but it was online and very convienent.
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    First Brew - Irish Red for St. Pattys

    Great posts....I also just bottled my first batch of Irish Red Ale from MW. I tasted it before bottling and it was getting there. That being said, if I have learned one thing from this is PATIENCE is KING.
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    Help me tune in on what beer to make next... I'm new to the brewing game, but thankfully I'm wicked smart (I can follow instructions) and have picked it up quickly. ;) I spent the last 4 weeks thinking I ruined my first batch and was extremely pleased when I tasted the fruit of my labor last night. (Prior to bottling.) The FG...
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    Quick Question.....

    Thanks guys...saved me from starting something I couldn't finish tonight. I took off Thursday and I will have time to bottle my first and brew my second batch. Thanks again for the insight.
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    Quick Question.....

    How long should I budget to bottle my beer? I have all the gear and everything is ready (not sanitized..)...Should this take 1hr, 2hr....????
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    Strange stuff in my secondary...Any ideas?

    I know a pic would help :)...I'm at work away from my beloved beer! It is pretty simple, picture a secondary full of Irish Red Ale, on top someone sprinkled some white is dotted on the top.
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    Strange stuff in my secondary...Any ideas? I have my first batch in the secondary fermentor and I'm ready to bottle it. It has been in the secondary for approximately 2 weeks and a couple days, in the last several days, it looks like a white, spotted yeast crap is resting at the top. Is this normal? Does it matter?
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    How You's Doin'? From New Jersey

    As a person born and raised, and still living in North Jersey....let me add some clarification. Our former Governor McGreevy split the state into two distinct regions, North Jersey for the real men of NJ and South Jersey, for the gay Eagle fans. I'm not even going to get started on how much...
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    I'm screwed before I even started....

    Looks like I will need to hit the brew shop tomorrow and buy some new yeast. crack me up. You assume I have the energy (after work/chasing kids and running from my wife) that I have the time to perform that routine....that is a classic.
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    I'm screwed before I even started....

    Revvy...thanks for the response. I live in NJ and the temps could get into the high 30's at night...let me get this right. After I bring the wort temp below 80 and add the I then bring it out to the garage, or do I let it sit in the basement (around 65) for the first 36hrs, then...
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    I'm screwed before I even started....

    White labs pilsen lager man, that is what I was thinking. If the yeast isn't a ale yeast, am I bound to have an issue? Thoughts..
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    I'm screwed before I even started.... Red Stripe mini-mash arrived from the brew shop. I believe it was delivered to my house by foot across the country or maybe I was just really anxious to start my next batch. Anyway....the directions call for two different options for your first week of fermentation. Option one...
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    Go Ahead....make fun of my dream! I stated, it is simply a dream. I love the fact people get pissed off that others have dreams and feel compelled to destroy them. People start and fail at all types of businesses....the beer business is no different. The dream of the entrepreneur is one of pain and sacrifice, but the...
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    Go Ahead....make fun of my dream!

    +1 to this amount. Get you set up with a decent nanobrewery with production capabilities that would allow you some time to actually sell the product. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ dontman....are you saying 1.2 Million? Because that is...
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    Go Ahead....make fun of my dream!

    **Meant Go ahead** I just started homebrewing and I am hooked. My dream would be to own a small nano-micro brewery and make just enough to pay all my bills and send my kids to college. (Maybe throw in a island/fishing trip a couple times a year...) There it dream. Now if I could...