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    Edworts haus pale ale tastes a bit bland

    Hey, I have tried to brew edworts haus pale ale now twice, both times no chill biab. I made some adjustments to the recipe when it came to hop additions, because of the no chill, but otherwise I followed the recipe. The first try was quite interesting, since my OG was 1,076 and FG 1,013...
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    First Biab

    Hey all! I have finally got all of my equipment for my first AG brew and i am going to go the biab route. I still havent ordered the grain or the hops and i am missing also the biab bag itself. I have a few questions i would like to get cleared up before i make the final purchases. First...
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    False bottom for a SS mashtun

    Hey all! I was wondering how to build a false bottom to my 38,5 liter thermopot. As i understand you can buy them ready made from online but the prices are about the same as i paid for the entire pot, so not really tempted by them. I am not very handy when it comes to building stuff, but i...
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    Beginners system questions

    Hello everybody! I just bottled my second extract batch and decided that his hobby will stick so went ahead and ordered equipment for an all grain biab system. I decided to start with a very simple setup that consists of a 38,5 liter thermopot and a camco 3500 watt ULWD element. I also...
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    Newbie questions

    Hey all! I am a beginner in brewing beer and was wondering if the members of this forum could answer a few questions for me. I have currently bottled one batch and the second one has been fermenting for about a week. The first question relates to the batch i have already bottled. It was a...