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    Irish Moss in NEIPA?

    I'm going to brew my first New England IPA soon. What are people's opinions on using Irish Moss in the boil for this style?
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    Water profile for Belgian Pale Ale

    Can anyone recommend a water profile for a Belgian Pale Ale? I want a beer that showcases the Belgian Yeast, but at the same time offers a nice dry bitterness of a pale ale in the finish. Right now, this is what I have, it's more or less my standard pale ale profile. Calcium: 84...
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    Krausen level in starter from different brands of DME

    On my latest starter I have had a problem with excessive krausen overflowing the flask. I had not experienced this previously. The only difference between my previous starters and this one is that I ran out of Briess pilsen dme and opened a bag of Muntons extra light. Has anyone else found...
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    Preserving kit grains

    I just got my first kits from Northern Brewer. I bought three IPAs in their recent 3 for 2 promotion. The grains are all unmilled, and the hops are still in the nitrogen sealed packages. What is the best way to preserve this stuff, the hops and the grains, before I get around to brewing?
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    Shelf life of flaked barley

    I used half of a 1 lb bag of flaked barley back in December. It's been sitting in pantry since then. Does this stuff go bad quickly?
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    Ion concentrations of blended water sources

    EDIT: Oops, This was user error, I'll leave my post up anyway, though. My water comes from a mixed portion of two water sources that both provide publicly available reports. If I assume that my water is a 50/50 mix of these two sources, then it makes sense that the ion concentrations should be...
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    Bottle conditioning a lager with ale yeast

    I have a mid-range gravity lager that fermented from 1.070 down to 1.016. I plan to lager it for a short amount of time and then add gelatin to improve the clarity of the beer. I would like to add a small amount of yeast at bottling to ensure proper carbonation. My question is, if I add a...
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    Ball Valve on Boil Kettle

    I'm going to buy a new larger boil kettle, and I am debating whether or not I should get one with a ball valve on it. My real question is the effectiveness of a ball valve on a boil kettle. Won't the hops in your boil just block a ball valve if you try to run your wort through it? I'm...
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    Adding gelatin to secondary

    I am brewing a Munich Helles. About 10 days ago I racked it to secondary, and I realized that I forgot to put the gelatin into the secondary before I racked it. Can I just prepare the gelatin and put it into the top of the better bottle? I have the beer lagering at around 35 degrees at this...
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    dry hopping a lager

    Has anyone had success dry-hopping a lager. When do you add your dry hops? Do you add them to the primary after fermentation and then transfer off them after about five days before lagering? Do you add them for about five days at the end of lagering? Also, I bottle, so dry-hopping in the keg...
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    Confusion about re-pitching lager yeast

    I recently brewed a Munich Helles using WLP 830 German Lager yeast. The beer fermented beautifully, and I decided, hey, now I should brew a bigger lager with the slurry. The Helles I brewed had an SG of 1.052, and I plan to brew another lager with an SG of 1.072. I racked the Helles to...
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    Did I miss my chance for a D-rest

    So, I made my first lager last Friday and pitched a 1 gallon starter into it. I checked the gravity today, and it is at 1.013, my expected final gravity. I'm in the process right now of raising the temp to 65 to do a diecetyl rest, but my question is, have I missed my chance since my beer...
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    Quick lager primary fermentation

    I brewed my first lager last Friday. Chilled the wort to ~55 degrees, and pitched a decanted 1 gal starter. The OG was 1.052. The lager has since been sitting steady at 52 degrees, right in the middle of the recommended range. I had read that primary fermentation takes around 7 days, but it...
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    Accuracy of starter calculators

    I am brewing my first lager this weekend. It will also be my first time using liquid yeast and first time making a starter. Since I have read how important a large starter is for effective lager brewing, I went to the Brewer's Friend website to find out what I need to do. Brewer's Friend...
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    Question about following the brewing chemistry primer

    I plan to brew this Munich Helles recipe next weekend. My plan is to mix 3/4 distilled water with my tap water, which should result in pretty soft water. In addition to the malts listed for...
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    Spring Water vs. RO water

    My local grocery store sells gallon jugs of Spring Water. On this forum, I see everyone talking about reverse osmosis water. Are these the same thing? Here is the process that the container states is used for the Spring water: Processed by: Micron filtration, ozonation, ultraviolet light...
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    Small hot break

    I have been brewing on my gas range. I can get 7 gallons of wort to a nice smooth boil, but since I only have 15K BTUs, I cannot achieve a big hot break and my boil is much more gentle than the roiling geyser I have seen in videos with propane burners. Will the small hot break and gentle...
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    Is this infected

    I realize that the answer is probably, no, but I am a new brewer and don't know any better. The semi-congealed spots look different than anything I saw in my first brew. Thanks!
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    Cheating on a 90 minute boil

    I do my brewing inside on a 7.5 gallon pot. I have no problem doing a 60 minute boil; but I have to start out with about 6.25 gallons of wort to end up with 5 gallons. A 90 minute boil requires about 6.9 gallons of wort, leaving me precious little head space in case of a boil over. Would it...
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    cold crashing and dry hopping

    How do you handle the schedule with cold crashing and dry hopping? My plan was for my beer to spend 3 weeks in primary. I will add the dry hops about 6 days before bottling, chill to 35 4 days before bottling, one day before bottling bring it back to room temp, then bottle. Does this sound...