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    Bottling from Kegs

    Would there be any differences if you were to decide to bottle from the keg as opposed to bottling from the fermenter? Will the life expectancy of the bottles be any less in the beer bottled from the keg? Thanks for your responses!!!
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    Hello From Maine

    Hey guys. After lingering for awhile, I've finally decided to join. This forum has a huge wealth of info that has helped me through my first couple of batches and will continue to help me in the future. I appreciate the time you guys put in to help newbies like myself. I'll see you all around!
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    Keg Shelf Life

    What is the shelf life of kegged beer? Does temperature have any affect on it? Right now I bottle at the moment but am considering kegging. Thank you!
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    Flat Glass Electric Range Question

    I have a flat glass range on my stove. I know it is not ideal for brewing but it is what I have to work with at the moment. I have a 5 gal canning jar enamel pot that I brew with. I am brewing 3.67 gal partial boil extract batches and adding top off water to the fermenter. My issue is this...