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    Cultured Pacman brew.

    I propagated some Pacman from a couple of Dead Guys and pitched into EdWort's Haus Pale last night. Wow! that yeast is awesome. I already have about a 3 in thick Krausen and the airlock is working over time. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Webbie
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    Shelf dimensions for Sanyo?

    I was wondering what everyone with the Sanyo conversion who put the shelf inside for the CO2 tank cut there plywood to?
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    Still getting foam from picnic tap

    I tapped my first keg on wednesday using a picnic tap and 5ft of 3/16" beverage tubing. Regulator on 12 PSI and beer on gas for one week prior to tapping. I got alot of foam from the 5ft hose so I went to the lhbs and got 10 ft of hose and another picnic tap after reading through the search...
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    Strike water temp for EdWort's Haus Pale Ale

    Could anyone give my a rough estimate of the strike water temp for this recipe? I don't seem to recall seeing it in the recipe. Assuming my grain is in the 65 to 70 degree range and I preheat my cooler MLT. Thanks.
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    Help with keg disassembly.

    My cousin gave me a few pin locks that I am trying to take apart and clean. I managed to get the gas in (two pin) post off with a wrench. I will have to rig up a socket to get the liquid post off. The question is this: I can't figure out how to get the poppet valve out of the post. The feet...
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    Turkey Fryer troubleshooting?

    I bought a Bass Pro Shop turkey fryer that has been advertised on sale. I put it together and I can not get it to work properly. I think there is a problem with the regulator. There is a small blue flame, but no pressure and not "real" flame. Any ideas what may be wrong? Webbie
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    Bottled my first ever batch of homebrew!

    Just finished up bottling the very first batch I brewed. Yield was 45 12oz bottles, and 2 22 oz bottles. Now just gotta wait 3 weeks to see how good it really turns out to be.:D
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    Missed OG with Extract?

    I just brewed my second extract kit (Blonde Ale from AHS) and after forgetting to get OG on my first batch, I made sure not to forget this time. Here is the problem: the recipe said OG of 1.048ish. My hydrometer said 1.030, but this was taken in the little tube it came in and I could not get...
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    5 gal MLT?

    I have only brewed one extract kit, and already kicking the AG option around. (I'm hooked) I saw that igloo has a max therm 5 gallon beverage cooler (approx. $40) that has an insulated lid and supposedly keeps ice for 5 days @ 90 F. Would this be worth a look at making a MLT? How big of a...
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    Brewed first batch tonight

    I finished my first brewing experience tonight at midnight. I started at 8 and it was a pale ale extract kit with steeping grains. Most things went okay, made a few noob mistakes. Did not get an OG, and did not have enough boiled top off water to get to 5 gal. Just used tap water for the...
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    First Brew this weekend (few ?s)

    I will be brewing for the first time this weekend (Midwest Ben Ben Pale Ale Kit) and was wondering if i should switch the munton's yeast that came with the kit for some nottinghams that i could pick up local? I have been diligently researching and reading all i can to prepare and have not heard...