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  1. J

    Raising Mash PH - Pickling Lime

    So my Bru'n water calculations come out at 5.2 PH and I'd like to get it to 5.4 PH. I had never noticed before that the Pickling Lime water addition in the spreadsheet has a comment: "Add Pickling Lime in mash only. Do not add to water alone since the PH may increase too high". Oops. Don't...
  2. J

    Homebrew Rootbeer recommedations

    Long time brewer, family wants a root beer. Wondering if I could get pointed to a good recipe and direction. Thanks.
  3. J

    Fruit Beer Help

    I'm basically looking to brew a passion fruit, orange, guava IPA. I've found some commercial beers in the style I'm going for, Terrapin Luau and Scofflaw Basement POG, but I've never tried them. I'm leaning toward using 4-6 lbs of puree. Seem like a sufficient amount? Because of the puree...
  4. J

    Brewtech BrewBucket Welding?

    The handle on my Brewtech Brew Bucket popped off while carrying a fermented beer. Sigh. I'm assuming I can take this to a welder and have the handle reattached. I know nothing about welding. Any advice on the type of welder I'm looking for? Google maps search just gives me a bunch of...
  5. J

    SS Brew Bucket - Big Beers

    Brewed a 1.109 gravity stout. 5.25 gallons into fermenter. Used Imperial Darkness yeast. Was happy with the attenuation and it ate through 95% of the gravity in < 3 days. Left in primary 9-10 days. Then cold crashed 5 days. FG 1.024. Problem was kegging time. Hooked up the hose to the...
  6. J

    Low Starting Gravity

    Been brewing for 2+ years on my Grainfather system, probably 40+ brews. Recently my last 5 brews have had a significantly lower SG than expected. I thought for sure this was something I could diagnose on my own, but unfortunately I'm getting really frustrated as I haven't really figured out...
  7. J

    Simulated Bourbon Barrel Aging w/ Maple

    I've brewed 4 BBA stouts that started as the Founders KBS recipe. As part of the process I soak oak chips and bourbon in a mason jar for a week or two. When transferring from primary for secondary conditioning I add all of the bourbon/oak mixture. For my next BBA batch, I want to try and...
  8. J

    Grainfather: Reiterated Mash

    Using beersmith to estimate results for a large RIS recipe to be brewed in a Grainfather system. However, I'm splitting the grain bill in half and doing back to back mashes. I've only done this twice now. After the first go around, I thought I had the process narrowed down where I could...
  9. J

    Flavor From Boiling Cacao Nibs

    This past weekend I was brewing with cacao nibs and like I've done with other recipes, I included 2 ounces in the boil for 15 minutes. I got to thinking about how hard it is to discern the flavor contribution given everything going on in the end product, so I whipped up a quick test. I boiled...
  10. J

    Commercial Cold Pressed Coffees

    In lieu of creating my own cold pressed coffees for bottling/keg time additions, I've decided to try some commercially available options. After an informal blind taste test, I've decided to use this in my first attempt: I know...
  11. J

    Grainfather: Large Grain Bills

    Been brewing for 9 months on my Grainfather and I've done about 16-20 batches. Everything works great for "standard" recipes (10-15 lbs of grain). Note: I use a hop spider to improve the effectiveness of the pump. Occasionally due to some grist overflow during the mash, I have to take out the...
  12. J

    High Mash Temp - Flavor impacts?

    I was making an Oatmeal Stout. It's the 3rd time I've made this recipe. I made a mistake while dealing with some mechanical issues. Instead of my intended mash temp, I ended up with a mash temp about 10 degrees higher than expected for the first 12 minutes of a 60 minute mash. Do you think...
  13. J

    Oatmeal Stout Mouthfeel

    I brewed an oatmeal stout that overall I really liked. When I compared it with some commercial examples, the flavor was spot on the only thing I noticed was that it had a tad thinner mouthfeel. For my brew I did a 90 minute mash at 154. Oats were only 7.5% of the grainbill. So for the next...
  14. J

    Grainfather Sparging

    I've done 4 batches. I'm having no problems with volumes (pre-boil, final batch size). My pre-boil gravity has been a couple points low twice, but twice it has been very low. I'm milling at 0.34. I'm hitting my temperatures. I'm doing a 10 minute mash out. I'm using Brun's water...
  15. J

    Carbing Temperature Question

    I have a chest freezer w/ temp controller that I use for multi-purpose: fermentation temp control, lagering and serving. I've recently been lagering a beer and therefore I have a serving keg that has been carbed at 33 F. The lagering is done and I'm ready to start fermenting another lager at...
  16. J

    Grainfather - Pre-Boil Gravity, Efficiency and ABV Issues

    I've done about 30 partial mash extract brews over the last 18 months. I just bought a Grainfather and did my first brew. I have a lot of numbers that are not adding up in Beersmith and it's driving me mad. I manually entered all of the equipment profile stats for the grainfather from the...
  17. J

    SG too High

    In distilled 64 degree distilled water, my hydrometer read 1.001. The recipe estimate for SG was 1.064. Measuring 68 degree wort, the reading was 1.074. Adjusting for temperature adds 0.001. Adjusting for hydrometer miscalibration subtracts 0.001. So the adjustments are a push. Grains were...
  18. J

    Sweeter over time?

    I brewed an original extract based pale ale recipe (~45 IBU). From Boil to keg ready in about 3 weeks. The beer tasted GREAT. I bottled some beers off the keg to share with friends. Flash forward about 3 weeks. Tonight I gave a friend a bottle to try. He wanted to split the beer with me...