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    Need help with my sake

    I need some help or advise with my sake making. Two month ago I started my sake but after cooking my rice I decided to blend it in blender into uniform jelly. It was fermenting during last two months and now it's time to filter it but it looks like this type of liquid jelly is not filtered at...
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    Persimmon wine

    Hi wine gurus. Yesterday I harvested some fuyu persimmons and started 3 gallon must. I put the following ingredients into my jar 3 gal of persimmon blended puree with no skins 2lb corn sugar 3 Camden tablets 2 tsp of pectin enzymes The sugar has been measured by refractometer before I...
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    please save my wine

    I crushed 7 gallons of white muscadine grape juice from fresh muscadines, put 10 Camden tablets, yeast nutrition, enzymes. Also I added corn sugar to increase gravity up to 11% potential alcohol. After 24 hours I added Lanvin EC-1118 that I got from local store. After 48 hours there is no any...
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    pears vs apple cider problems

    Yesterday I started two hard ciders, apple and pears and I figured out the main difference between them. I could easily squeeze juice out of apples with the help of kitchen blender and squeezing juice manually through peace of fabric. But I had a problem with the pears because blender produces...
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    hydrometer vs refractometer and other issues

    Yesterday I finished my primary fermentation of my blackberry cider. This is my first experience. I measured final gravity with refractometer and hydrometer (see the pictures). Refractometer shows measurement for clear water and for my fermented cider/wine. You see the hydrometer shows dry cider...