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    Adding water to secondary?

    Can I add (sterile) water to my secondary to increase the total volume to 5 gallons? Or should I just leave it? I'm about .5 gal off. And if I leave it, do I have to change the carbinating sugar volume? That way I don't create too high of a carbonation.
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    Dry hopping question

    What if I add more doing the boil, along with dry hopping?
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    Dry hopping question

    Was going to do a "Yellow Dog" pale ale brew next. I want to experiment with dry hopping. I will add what it normally asks for, hopping wise. Would it be good to add whole hops to my secondary? Maybe Cascade, Willamette, or a new one? 1, 2, or more oz? What do you guys think. I want it to be...