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    hop substitutions

    Last year i purchased enough hops to last through this years harvest, my hops produced more than expected, 1 year plants put i jump started them in a greenhouse. I have several questions about using hops from non established bines, and what makes good substitutions as i have several varieties...
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    patching pin hole in keg

    i bid on 4 10 gallon chalanger kegs on ebay, they were local so i went to look at them, one had on posts or dip tubes but they all looked great, the ebay auction said all the one needed was posts and dip tubes but it has two small pin holes that leak co2 probably why the seller didint want me...
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    10 (gallon) cornie kegs

    i have an oppertunity to buy some 10 gallon corny kegs however 1 lacks dip tubs, having never delt with 10 gallon kegs i have some questions, the out tubes seem to be identical to the 5 gallon, but the in(co2) is longer, i have extra co2 tubes for the 5 gallon kegs, does anyone know if the...
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    milk thistle seed in beer

    i drink herbal teas and decided to start drinking milk thistle tea before drinking a beer because it helps prevent liver damage. Since milk thistle grows wild on my farm i hope to harvest my own but after doing research i found that the chemical that is desired is not water soluable and that...
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    keg handle coming un glued

    the rubber/plastic handle on one of my corny kegs is coming unglued, does anyone know of a good glue that will reconnect it to the metal keg without making it brittle or melting it.
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    stuck wort

    i have been brewing for about a year with no problems, i made the mistake of trying to brew an ale in to cold of conditions. It started out fine but quit perking with way to high of a gravity. I have since heated the wort by placing the pale in a tub of warm water that i keep adding warm water...
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    Forgot to airiete wort

    the last batch of beer i brewed i forgot to airiete it. I woke up realizing this but it was purking away so i figured it would be ok. I normally use notingham yeast for my ales but they were out so i used windsor yeast. The beer started out at 1.07(my largest batch ever) but only ended up at...
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    forgot to airiete whort

    the last batch of beer i brewed i forgot to airiete the wort after adding the yeast. I remembered the next morning but it was alreadly bubbling away so i figured it would be ok. this batch of beer started out with a gravity of 1.07. it finished at 1.017, way higher than any beer i have...
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    biy magnetic stir plate

    i have researched doing this at several sites but i beleave this is the site that someone posted the step by step of removing a magnet from a muffin fan. If I am right he used a tupperware bowl for a project box. I hav e the magnets removed but they are still attached to the last metal bar. i...