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    Vinator Bottle Rinser can you use starsan?

    Will starsan foam too much with this??? Vinator Bottle Rinser
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    how strong is 1/8" plexi-glass?

    I am looking to build a fermentation chamber and found a really good deal on this. I was going to use this acrylic (plexi-glass) as the inside bottom over my insulation board so that it would be easy to clean up any spills. I found this used sheet for 10% of what 1/4" would cost. The chamber is...
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    is a two hour mash too long?

    I finally have time to brew this weekend, kind of. I have a soccer game in the middle of a six hour gap. Can I mash for the 2 hours I am at the soccer game, then finish the brew day when I get home? It is a Heff and I plan on mashing at 154* Also, do you recomend mashing at 150* or 154* for...
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    2 sanke kegs for sale in So Cal 92831

    Two kegs for sale here in Fullerton CA. Email me at: [email protected]
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    How much does 2000lbs of grain cost?

    Does anyone know? I have about 10 people to split grain with. how much does a 2,000lb pallet cost? That is the amount that BULK comes in right?
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    Using a step bit

    So, I am trying to drill a hole in my keg with a step bit. These are the $10 step bits from harbor freight. The first 3 steps went fine, but now I am at about 1/2 inch and it doesnt cut. It just spins and smoke (thats when I stop). Is there a trick to using these bits?
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    How to properly store beer

    So, I have quite a few large events coming up in the summer (wedding, camping trips, etc...) and would like to start stock piling the beer now. However, I do not have a temp controled area to store more than 2 cases. At the liquor store they have beer not in the fridge, is this ok for homebrew...
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    can you tell me when this co2 tank needs to be retested?

    Found this co2 tank by my house. But when does it need to be retested?
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    should I buy a stainless steel or copper wort chiller?

    I want to buy a wort chiller (immerson), what is the best to go with? I know that a steel one is stronger, but a copper chills better. How much better does copper chill? I want to chill 10 gallons, and looking to brew once or twice a week. (Sharing the equipment with people.)
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    Ball valves for gas

    So, I am going to plumb my brew rig with some black iron pipe. Is there a special ball valve for gas, or will the brass ones that people use on the brew pot work fine? This will be high pressure propane.
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    2 tier or single tier stand

    Ok, I was set on building a 3 tier rig. However, now I am thinking about either a 2 tier or single tier. I would love to have one of these but the limiting factor is the pump. I can not spend $100+ on a pump that handles boiling wort. That being said, am I really going to pump boiling liquid? I...
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    Know of a cheap food grade low temp pump?

    Ok, so I dont want to shell out the $100+ for a march pump that can handle hot wort. I am going to make a 3 tier system. I want to put the bottom tier about 12" off of the ground as I am limited in height in my apartment garage. I would like to cool the wort with an Immersion chiller then pump...
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    Coors light home tapper

    Hey, I just bought this at the Albertsons. It states that it is a one time use system, but I am hoping that it can be resused. Has anyone else seen these? Miller light also had one there. I grabed the last coors light one that was out, and there was only one miller light one left too. Maybe they...
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    Is almost a full boil ok?

    Would there be any differences in boiling 8 gallons of wort for a 10 gallon batch? This way, I would boil 2 gallons of water say the night before to sterilize them, put them in sanitized 2liter bottles and freeze them. Then at the end of the boil of the 8 gallons, I would cut out the ice and put...
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    Should I use a 10gallon water cooler or a Keggle for a mash tun?

    Just what the title says. I am going to build my first brew rig and step up from the turkey fryer. So, I am going to do a three tier rig because I do not want to buy a pump right now. I have three keggles (or have access to them) and one 10 gallon water cooler. Should I use a keggle or the water...
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    What size pump would I need for my wort chiller?

    So, I want to buy a pond pump and put it in an ice chest with ice water and pump the ice water through my wort chiller and back into the ice chest. I have a 25' wort chiller and the water will have to travel up into and up out of my keggle (keg) brew pot. What gpm pump do you think I should use...
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    Can you solder with propane?

    I usually use mapp gas to solder, but my father inlaw gave me a torch tip that he said he always uses on those little green propane tanks. I checked it when I got home, it does fit. Is this save? Will it work for me? I want to solder an elbow on my wort chiller so the tubing does not kink anymore.
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    Should I use hop pellets or whole hops? Dry hop question too.

    I have been using hop pellets in a fine mesh bag for my brews. I use the bag so I dont have much material in my wort. First, does using the bag not allow all of the hop flavor/bitterness to be absorbed? Second, is there any benifits to using whole hops during the boil? Third, I have noticed...
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    Very cheap hops on Ebay, do you trust???

    Some of these are less then a dollar an ounce SHIPPED. They have good ratings on ebay. Do you trust?
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    My label, can anyone tweak it a little?

    I have it in PDF format, how do I load it on here? I know how to include a pic, but I can not seem to save the PDF as a JPEG or anything other than PDF.