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    Been thinking of doing a Berliner Weisse but have 1 Question

    Will do, itll probably be a few more weeks worth of research before I get going on it but I will be sure to take many pics and post it up.
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    Been thinking of doing a Berliner Weisse but have 1 Question

    Awesome, so the biggest thing is instead of killing off the bugs right away you let them do their thing for 2-3 days and then kill them off good to know thanks! :mug:
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    Brew Dogs thoughts/opinions

    At the end of the brew they usually say "Now to let it sit for 2 weeks and come back"
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    Been thinking of doing a Berliner Weisse but have 1 Question

    Will souring the wort in my current mash tun make it unusable later? I know fermenting sours makes the plastic buckets a huge crapshoot for the next brew if its not a sour so I assume that my cooler tun will do the same no?
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    What came in the mail for you today?

    The Cooler Mash Tun, brew kettle and 2 bubblers are all new and got this week the rest Ive had for a bit :D First all grain brew to come soon!
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    Beginner Brewer Looking For a Nice Kit

    If you plan on sticking with extract I dont think you would need another hard part for a very long time with this kit.
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    What came in the mail for you today?

    Sent from a friend in FL, sadly their homebrew cap leaked in the box :( I recapped it and leaving it to carbonate till Sunday since thats when they said it was supposed to be ready to drink and see how it goes.
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    Calling Accuflex Bev-Seal Ultra (3/16) experts

    They have a great price on them, the line and the Perlicks with shanks. Bought my whole tap setup through them and couldnt have been ahppier.
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    FastRack - FastFerment Giveaway - Open to all!

    would be silly to not enter!
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    Calling Accuflex Bev-Seal Ultra (3/16) experts

    Spend the money on these its well worth it. And makes removal and cleaning a breeze!!
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    Collar Porn

    Didnt want to magnet a drip tray to the front of my wonderfully painted keezer so I came up with this instead. Routed out a bit on the back of the facing board for the shelf bracket and all the weight is supported against the keezer itself. Oh and cant forget this ;)
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    National Homebrewer's Conference - HomeBrewTalk Giveaway - Open to All!

    hopefully putting my 302 back together for my fox and brewing up an Amber Ale.
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    Yooper is Famous

    Man I miss our summer trips up there when I was a kid. My whole family is from up that way and my parents moved out cause my dad joined the Navy. Used to spend many summers swimming in Lake Superior at Shelter Bay and Deer Lake. I swear that water never gets above 40 lol
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    Yooper is Famous

    Says the troll
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    Panic time...

    This just happened to me lol although Im new to kegging so Im still working on pipeline efficiency. I think there is one glass of the VJP and the Canadian Ale I had kicked on Satuday. I have a Yuengling Clone 2 weeks from Keg and another VJP in primary and this weekend Im picking up stuff for...
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    How do yo use this

    Looks like a ball lock fitting. Goes on the end of the bottle, you fill from a larger co2 tank.
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    Trader Joe's Coffee Concentrate

    When I did mine I sanitized the crap out of my French Press, and then sprayed my star san mix on a sheet of plastic wrap and wrapped it around the top of the press to help keep things out of it.