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    Denny Conn's Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter

    Any thoughts on using homemade vanilla extract in place of the bourbon and vanilla beans?
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    American Amber Ale Caramel Amber Ale

    Brewed this for the third time this morning, but messed up on one part. Forgot to drop the whirlpool hops in at flameout. Didn't realize it until the wort was down to about 70 degrees, so I debated putting them in at that point or waiting and dry hopping... Ended up dropping in at 70. Also...
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    Imperial Stout Double-W Imperial Stout

    It's been a few years since I've brewed this and I tinkered a little when I did. But, from notes this is a tasty brew I wish I hadn't tinkered with, it was great in the fermenter, the additions I made I feel weren't good. As far as comparing to Ten Fidy or Stone RIS... Ten Gift I feel is...
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    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    You're right about boosting the alcohol. The Mad Fermentationist did "rant" on it.
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    Denny Conn's Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter

    I would say it looks lighter because there's still a bunch of yeast in suspension. Yeast, being white to off white, will make it look lighter during fermentation. Once it settles it should look darker.
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    Reusing Yeast

    I would just recommend that once it used for cider don't reuse it for beer. Once yeast gets used to simple sugars it may struggle with the maltose in beer. I have had no issues using yeast from beer in ciders, they adapt better going from complex sugars to simple sugars. Another reason...
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    Can I use different yeast for bottle priming?

    I put my bottles in the room where my boiler is, I would say it stays in the low 70's. I give my bottles 1-2 days then dishwasher pasteurize and they have a "gentle" carbonation to them. I prefer my ciders less bubbly so that works for me, if you like more carbonation then 3-4 days might...
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    Caramel Apple Hard Cider

    Well even though mine still had some really,really, fluffy krausen on top I checked the gravity again and it hasn't moved. Given that the recipe says the expected FG is 1.010 - 1.015 and I'm back sweetening and the pasteurizing it really didn't matter if I bottled it now, so I went ahead and do...
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    Imperial Stout Double-W Imperial Stout

    I've been scouring different forums for an imperial porter or stout and may end up making this again. I'm bottling an Amber this weeke d and will likely just dump whatever I go with on the yeast cake. The one time I made this, a few years ago, I think it was missing some of the roast I was...
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    Caramel Apple Hard Cider

    I did a quick check on how the fermentation is going and 5 days in it's down to 1.038, about 30 points. It's still pretty murky/milky so the yeast is still working. Judging by the krausen ring I only got maybe 1/2in, but right now it sounded similar to the fizz of an open soda bottle, kind of...
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    Mexican Cake clone info - directly from Westbrook Brewery

    Gotcha. Yea I know tinctures allow more precision. I thought I was taking it easy with only 4 slivers of a reaper, and it first it seemed like I guessed right. Over time though the heat just increased.
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    Mexican Cake clone info - directly from Westbrook Brewery

    Either your reaper was a lot weaker than mine, or doing a tincture lessens the heat. Because mine seem to gain heat after the first few weeks in the bottle, and I only added 3 or 4 really thin strips to the fermenter in mine. I'm making a RIS in the next week or so, might return to this...
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    Caramel Apple Hard Cider

    Picked everything up and threw the juice and sugar into a bucket this AM. Only difference from post 420 is that I used 5 x 128oz jugs of juice, my Wegmans didn't have 96oz, so that got me to about 5.25 gal. I used 1.5lbs of table sugar, thought I had more in the cupboard but didn't so I ran...
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    Caramel Apple Hard Cider

    I'm going camping in 3 weeks and refound this late. I'm still thinking of grabbing everything and throwing it into a fermenter this weekend. Then, give it 2 weeks to ferment, no more than 4 or 5 days to carbonate, pasteurize, and the throw at least a 12 pack in for camping. I likely won't add...
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    Long Trail rocks (Harvest Ale recipe in thread)

    Going to brew tomorrow. I bumped everything up to hopefully get an ABV of 6%. Shooting for low 20's for the IBUs which is about .5oz of Nugget depending on what the AA is. I may or may not add some NY maple syrup, I don't think it contributes much, if anything, to the final product so from the...
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    American Pale Ale Lake Walk Pale Ale

    It's been a few years since I have made this recipe. This one turned more towards liking Pales and Amber's more so I sought out some and started making one that is somewhat similar and has just stuck with me. Mine uses El Dorado, Simcoe, and Denali for hops. I kind of forgot about this great...
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    Nugget Nectar Clone

    I saw that this year Troegs will be releasing a version that they replace the Warrior and CTZ with Simcoe in their dry hops. I'm thinking of making this again and try the same thing with Simcoe cryo hops.
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    Mexican Cake clone info - directly from Westbrook Brewery

    I'll comment on mine now that it's been bottled for a little over a month. The heat from the reaper is about where I like it, might still be a little hot for some though. The cinnamon is a little strong next time I'll back off if it just a touch. The body of mine is nice and thick, I get 3/4...
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    Bell's Christmas Ale

    I know this is an old thread, reason to start a new one. I emailed Bell's to see what kind if info I could get without any specific questions. This is the very general reply I got about the malts that's used. The current version is made with a mix of Pale Ale malt, some medium Caramel...
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    Mexican Cake clone info - directly from Westbrook Brewery

    I'll have to look in to Sorbitol, I've heard of it just lumped it into the family of other artificial sweeteners. Mine sat in the nibs, and other spices, for a week I think and while it's still young for this size beer it could use a little more of the chocolate flavors. It could be the heat...