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    MW 102 calibration error

    I have bought a new probe recently. I have new 7.01 calibration liquid I get this reading Everly time I try to calibrate now. Any help here is appreciated. Thanks
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    Wl 500

    Haven't used WL 500 for a while. The yeast seemed a bit dark to me when I made a starter. Can anyone chime in on WL 500 being darker in color vs something like WL 001? Thanks
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    Dry hopping in keg cold

    Looking for any input on adding hops to the keg after chilling. What does everybody think? Thanks
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    Water report

    I got a water report from ward labs. Cations/Anions are 4.2/3.9. When I put the water info in Brun Water it gives me Cations/Anions 4.2/2.5. Any thoughts out there why this might happen?
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    High FG. Pitch more yeast?

    I have a strong scotch ale I brewed about six weeks ago. OG was 1087. FG is at 1034. I was looking for more around 1025. It's been stuck at 1034 for 2 weeks. It fermented at 60 and I have had it around 64 the last week or so. I used WL Edinburg yeast. What do you guys think? Sent from my...
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    Resume input for entry level brewery position

    Hey all I'm putting a résumé together for brewery asst. position at a local brewery. I have no professional brewing experience. I have been all grain brewing at home for 4 years. Anything you guys can think of that might look good on a resume? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Coffee stout catagory

    I have a sweet coffee stout brewed with Jamaican Coffee and lactose sugar. I want to enter it in a comp. It looks like specialty beer is the best place.?
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    Ft: Pliney. Iso: Heady topper

    I have 2 bottles of PLINEY btl on 4/10 for trade. Looking for heady topper. Can also do three Floyd's.
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    Beer line

    I have 8 foot beer lines set at 40 degrees. I'm getting a little more foam than wanted. Should I increase or decrease the line length? Thanks
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    Want to buy keggle NE IN

    Looking for a keggle if anybody has one!
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    Refilling freon in freezr

    Anybody ever refilled a freezer with freon? I know nothing about so any info will help. Thanks
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    Upright freezer cooling coils

    I just got an upright freezer but the shelves are cooling coils. Anyone have any ideas how to make room for kegs?
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    Wyeast packs swelled when shipped

    I just received 2 packs of yeast in the mail that where swelled up quite a bit when I opened the package. I've never seen this before. Should I use them or not?
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    Yeast starter

    How long can a stater last? I let one go do about 20 hours and put in the fridge. I never got around to brewing and it will be about six days old when I brew. Should I use it???
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    Yeast starter seems to be lacking

    Made a yeast starter with wyeast ringwood ale yeast and it seems to be lacking activity. I do not have a stir plate. Usually I see some krausen and can smell it but neither seems to be happening. I have not used this yeast before. It has been about 20 hours and I'm gonna put it in the fridge so...
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    Batch sparge

    I am doing a single batch sparge. Should the temp of the water be 165-170 or should the grains be held at 165-170?
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    Anyone using induction burners?

    I'm wanting to start brewing in the basement and was wondering if anyone has used induction burners.
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    Fermentation temp

    I am holding my beer at 67-68 in a freezer but temp of beer is 72. Any answers ?