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    Been thinking of doing a Berliner Weisse but have 1 Question

    Will souring the wort in my current mash tun make it unusable later? I know fermenting sours makes the plastic buckets a huge crapshoot for the next brew if its not a sour so I assume that my cooler tun will do the same no?
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    My answer to the Keezer Drip Tray

    Ive seen a bunch of ways to do it and didnt want to glue or magnet it to the front. I saw someone else on here use their collar as somewhere to hang it from but off the front where you could see the brackets and bolts. What I ended up doing was take some material out of the back of the collar...
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    HELP! Frozen Lager and other beers

    SO what had happened was ... My temp controller (not an stc-1000 I wanted *f and got a Chinese knock off and Im dumb :( ) decided to take a crap in the middle of the night and turn my keezer on full retard mode and when I got up this morning it was about 18* in there and my Lager that just...