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    Blueberry Melomel

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    District of Columbia Brand new 3 tier gravity fed all grain brewing setup

    I have a three tier gravity fed brewing setup for sale in Western Maryland. This includes 2 keggles with stainless 3 piece ball valves, dip tubes, and site glasses. Also a cooler MLT with stainless 3 piece ball valve. This has never been used. I built it but lost my job and need to sell...
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    2 Faucets

    Not really sure. They came with the kegerator I bought. They are sold pending payment. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    2 Faucets

    2 faucets for sale. They are in good shape. Just upgraded so these are no longer needed. Will split if I can't sell them as a pair. $22 shipped for both. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Corny kegs becoming harder to find?

    I bought my last 4 from here.... they work great even though they didn't have the PRV. I just use the poppet valve to release pressure. :D
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    What are you drinking on Halloween?

    Apfelwein, Vanilla Porter, Dry Irish Stout, Bell's Two Hearted Clone, End of Summer Saison, and a Dos Equis clone are all on tap in my keezer.:mug:
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    California 3 - Perlick SS faucets

    Ill take the drip tray if its 19".
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    425 Perlick Faucets

    Still ISO 2 Perlick 425 SS faucets if anyone has any they would like to sell.
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    MoreBeer Firestone Walker Pale 31 kit

    Missed that part of the first post due to mobile issues. No need for the sarcasm, we're all here to help.
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    MoreBeer Firestone Walker Pale 31 kit

    More Beer has the Pale 31 kit as well.
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    425 Perlick Faucets

    I'm still looking. Let me know when you get home.
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    425 Perlick Faucets

    I'm looking for 2 more 425's just to make mine identical. I guess if I cant find them I'll go with the Ventmatic's as well.
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    Cleaning Beer Lines - Oxyclean/PBW???

    (Home made) PBW - safe for glass? (Safe in general?)
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    Beer line suggestions for keezer.

    Farmhouse Brewing Supply had 50' of Bev-seal for $15.99 plus shipping. That's the cheapest I've found it. Plus, all their other prices are comparable as well.
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    California Co2 tank!

    Is he willing to ship them?
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    New Hampshire Trasherator, Half barrel keg, CO2 chargers for sale in Concord

    I'll give you $25 shipped to 21539 for the charger ad cartridges.
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    Alabama Immersion Chiller

    The problem isn't the shipping, quality of the chiller, or anything else. Most people are making their own chillers. I built my own and you can buy 50' of coil for about $45 and the fittings are pretty cheap. I think you price is too high for most. You may wanna drop the price if you wanna sell...