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    Award Winning Homebrew Recipes on Popular Mechanics

    Apologies for not tracking this thread more closely Hbgbill. I recommend measuring both pre and post boil gravity with every brew. The idea is to aim for a repeatable process. Ideally you're boil off rate should be constant from batch to batch and the difference between the pre-boil gravity...
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    Award Winning Homebrew Recipes on Popular Mechanics

    RHamilton, there's lots to be said for keeping hop bills simple. Most of my IPA recipes usually call for just one or two varieties as well. That having been said, Fritz is the go to guy for advice about IPA recipes and techniques in our club. That wasn't his first award by a long shot and he...
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    Award Winning Homebrew Recipes on Popular Mechanics

    Hey guys, I've been a regular lurker and an intermittent poster here for a few years now and have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to do some freelance beer/homebrew writing for major publications from time to time. I do write beer reviews for Mens Journal and homebrewing and DIY...
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    return M809 and get chugger pump instead?

    And that ladies and gentleman... is how companies capitalize on the web to enrich the customer service experience. Thanks for taking the challenge.
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    return M809 and get chugger pump instead?

    Bashing might be a strong word. Chugger contends that their pump is quieter, March contends that it isn't. I'd challenge either/both to back up their claim with some evidence. Maybe a video of both pumps in action in a similar setup and a spl meter measuring the noise. It's great that we...
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    Heading up to NYC August 26-30th where to go!?

    I put together this google map of my favorite beer bars in NYC. I keep a link to it on my iphone so I can reference it when I'm out. Descriptions of each place are on the left side of the map: Enjoy...
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    Results from first comp... feeling frustrated, confused

    Washed yeast could also be a source of your estery flavors. It's just another variable to control. I was very excited to try yeast washing last spring and made a few batches with some washed Pacman. I don't regret the experiments because I absolutely love that yeast and it was worth it to try...
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    Farmhouse Brewing still has some Simcoe:
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    Taking a "clone" to a brewing competition...

    This argument might be more convincing if breweries didn't share recipes all the time:
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    Warrior Hops?

    I buy my Warriors from Farmhouse Brewing by the 4 ounce bag: Edit: Clearly I need to refresh before posting since I'm late to the party.
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    NYC Apartment Brewing Challenges

    When you're brewing in NYC space is a challenge, there's no two ways about it. I'm lucky to be in a decent sized one bedroom in Brooklyn and I can get all my stuff into the kitchen. Keep looking around your space. Is there anything that you can fit your carboy under for two week increments...
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    Advice needed for Tri-Clover Rims Build

    Ed - you rock. I'm studying your diagrams and digging through a half dozen threads to figure out what I need to do here. I'm sure I'll have a million more questions.
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    Advice needed for Tri-Clover Rims Build

    Ohio-Ed, Your build is a definite inspiration. I'm sure I'll have a ton of questions along the way, but for now I'm going to try and figure out you're wiring diagrams because it looks like you're doing approximately what I'd like to in terms of splitting the difference between the automation...
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    Advice needed for Tri-Clover Rims Build

    Thanks Chefkeith 1) I've reviewed the RIMS for dummies thread and seen a lot of people using many different elements, but am trying to figure out what will specifically fit in the Tri-Clover tube, it looks like it might be smaller than some of the other tubes out there. Hoping someone that...
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    Advice needed for Tri-Clover Rims Build

    Hey guys, I'm in the very early stages of planning an an electric upgrade to my brewery setup and was hoping that you could help steer me in the right direction with some questions I have. Fair disclosure, I'm a total electricity newb. Here's where I'm starting from and what I'm looking to...
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    Popular Mechanics Jan2011 HBT Shoutout

    Hey guys, I worked on the online companion piece to this that featured recipes, many from HBT regulars. There's a thread on the recipe piece here: And the recipes are featured on the popular mechanics...
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    What are your top 3 equipment recommendations?

    1. Fermentation Temperature Control 2. Fermentation Temperature Control 3. Fermentation Temperature Control
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    Check it out, HBT recipes published by Popular Mechanics

    Glad you guys got a laugh out of it. That was an insert by my editor - I had initially used your entire name there and then when he changed it to Mr. Wort I almost pushed back. In the end I thought it was too funny to change.
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    Check it out, HBT recipes published by Popular Mechanics

    Hey guys, I'm the author of the article and have been an on and off poster here for a couple years and a lurker for probably a year before that. I think this article is a testament to a couple things. First homebrewing, while a niche hobby is compelling and interesting to a wide variety of...
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    What will be the effect of these temperature fluctuations?

    You'll probably end up ok, but you're risking under attenuation by having the temperature swing around like that. The rule of thumb is that if you're better off letting the temperature rise than drop. Once the temperature drops yeast tends to flocculate and go to sleep. Raising the temp back...