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    breslau-style schöps

    Does anyone have any info on breslau-style pale/dark schöps? I was judging at the best of craft beer awards, and this was a style in the BA guidlines. Someone entered one, i have no idea if it is accurate, but it was tasty. But i cant find much more info besides the guidelines. Can anyone...
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    Lithuanian pea lager? In short, anyone ever brew a lager with fresh green peas? Peas are in season here, and well, ive always been curious. These sources say it ranged from 3-15%, anyone have any...
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    Belgian golden strong (duvel-ish) advice on sugar.

    Im going to brew up a belgian golden strong this week, its not a style I usually brew, but I happened to brewed a 1.048 beer with he duvel yeast (1388?) and well, I have yeast to use. So i had a quick question; Im just going to use a simple grist of (1.082) 80%/20% (by extract) pils/sugar, the...
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    Marzen/Octoberfest type beer advice

    So I got a request to make an octoberfest beer (im going to assume he means the orange marzen beer, and not a modern fest beer) , and strangely, even though Ive done a gazillion lagers, Ive never actually made one. So I thought Id ask on here: 1: To add 60Lish crystal of some type, or not...
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    Domestic Saaz sub

    Ive been brewing alot of czech style lagers of late, and been using alot of sterling as a saaz sub. (I live in the pacific nw, it just feels wrong to import hops from the czech republic, when so many hops grow in a 100 miles of my house) Sterling is mostly Ok, but in large quantities it tends to...
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    Baltic porter advice

    Well I havent brewed a baltic porter in a few years, and I have a mass of lager yeast after a few generations, and I got a couple doppelbocks aging, so, seems like a good time to make a baltic porter. And as far as Baltic porter, Im going for something like okocim, zyweic, baltika, aldaris...
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    Wyeast 2002 Gambrinus

    Anyone use this strain yet, and have any experience with it to share? I got a starter bubbling away, going brew a batch on friday. The description sounds great, I hope it lives up to it.
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    Weltenburger Asam Bock

    Does anyone have any info on this beer and how it is made? It is my favorite doppelbock by far, and its almost time to start brewing doppelbocks to drink in the fall.
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    czech lager yeasts

    Its been years since ive done many czech lagers, for reasons that are beyond me. I was wondering if anyone has any feedback on the multitude of strains available, trying all the strains through 4 or 5 generations would take a long while. Im looking for a yeast that does well in both light...
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    what to make with wyeast3655?

    So far Ive made three 3 batches of different slight variations of a belgian pale ale, with the seasonal wyeast 3655 (the dekoninick yeast, white labs has a version as well.) As much as I like dekoninick, I really probably should make something different for gen 4. Has anyone used this yeast...
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    Weyermann Bohemian Dark Malt

    My LHBS has gotten in Weyermann's Bohemian dark malt. I love their bohemian floor malted pils, so I was intrigued. It looks like a type of munich malt, has anyone used it, and how is it in comparison to a continental munich malt?
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    Old slug/ rch yeast

    I got a bottle of Old slug by rch in england, and I saw it was bottle conditioned, so I saved the yeast. Before I go through the trouble of coaxing this up to a proper starter, does anyone know if this is an available strain? Or has anyone used the yeast before? What were the results?
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    Weizenbock -- Crystal malt?

    Im thinking of brewing a weizenbock, which I havent done before. My question is whether or not to include crystal malt in the recipe. I see many recipes tend to include some dark crystal, but I wonder how traditional it is or if its a good idea, or people just kitchen sinking it. (usually id...
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    Foam stoppers for glass primary

    Ive done a search, but there wasnt super useful info. Has anyone used the foam stopper one uses for starters in a flask for primary fermentation in a glass carboy, to mimic open fermentation? Im interesting in experimenting with open fermentation with some english and hefe yeasts, but currently...