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    They don't flower year round, and I don't know if anyone grows them for flowers. I would just look for unsold houses or vacant lots. You need a bunch to make any kind of flavor impact, so it is going to be hard for you.
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    2011 AHA NHC - whatcha got?

    Look, thanks to any judges who volunteered in Saratoga Springs. But there is no denying it has been a epic fail. Since some of the entry fee is to cover later rounds, the AHA should give 50% refunds to anyone whose beers made it to the second round but don't have time to rebrew. The idea...
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    pH change from protein to sacc rest

    Thanks for the guesses. It is kind of cool to have seen something weird. I won't be able to replicate it, because the recipe was such a PIA on my present equipment that I won't be doing it again LOL One more thing I would add...Both times when the pH was 5.1, the mash liquor was cloudy...
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    amber gone wrong...

    Been there. Time to switch to a refractometer. Haven't used or broke a hydrometer in months ;-)
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    im very new to mead and i need some help

    This can be very tough and a real PIA. I would do it in smaller batches where you have more control. Get a gallon container or a bucket or something and put in about a pound of honey and a quart of water at a time. Shake, stir the heck out of it and then pour that into your fermenter...
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    amber gone wrong...

    I doubt freshness is a problem. However, the new source probably crushed it better than your lhbs. Pitching more yeast now will do nothing. You might want to consider dry hopping, as your beer is now a Double Amber with the hop rate of a regular Amber Ale. If you had the fermenter space, you...
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    First all grain efficiency issues

    Knowing how to hit your temp. with your set up is just something that takes some practice. You can try pre-heating the tun; or put your water in 3-4 deg. hotter than your strike temp. If you see your temp is low, you can raise it or let it go longer or just ignore it. Unless you are using a...
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    pH change from protein to sacc rest

    My well water is pretty poor in minerals. Basicall 2 ppm of Ca and Mg and 2 ppm of bicarbonate. What took me awhile to figure out is that there is a lower limit to how much you can push pH down with salts. I'm not sure of the chemistry (no more alkalinity to neutralize?), but the newer...
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    pH change from protein to sacc rest

    I almost always do single infusions and have my water and recipes down to where I know what to add (salts and acids) to get to 5.4-5.6 every time. Today, I was doing two batches with protein rests since I was using raw wheat (never again btw LOL). I was a little surprised to see my pH during...
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    Boil Volume vs IBUs

    Why are you mashing? There is nothing to mash that I can see in the recipe. I don't think you can lower the batch size without reducing the extract amounts. If you put ~2.5 kg of dry extract in 10L, you will get a beer with an OG of 1.093. Not really a hefeweizen at all. Unless you top off...
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    Yeast growth

    Yes, as long as X and 2X is less than the amount of yeast needed to ferment 1400ml of 1.040 wort. IOTW, as long as you didn't overpitch to start.
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    Fresh Coriander From Garden...

    Cilantro is easy to grow but very hard to harvest because it bolts very quickly. Of course, bolting is where the coriander would come from. I've never tried to save and dry seeds, but if you know how, it should be easy enough to do.
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    need a good recipe for first try at all grain

    I would start with a pale or amber ale in the 10-14 SRM range; assuming you have no idea of your water chemistry or its effect on mash pH (and who would on their first AG lol?).
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    Hop reduction in full wort boil - first wort hops?

    75% or 64% is probably splitting hairs with IBU calculations. Really, the accuracy in the IBU calculations is just not that precise. They are good for approximation to style and are useful for trial and error recipe formulation. What I mean by that is that an IBU on your system is going to be...
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    Noob Kegging Question

    Sure. Otherwise, every keg would have an unfilled CO2 canister hooked up to it ;-)
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    Efficiency of my first AG

    Check your MLT for dead space and see if you can eliminate it. Try and even out your mash drain and sparge amounts. If you used about 4 gal. for mash, you probably got 2.5 gal. of first runnings and 4.8 gal. of second runnings. This is far from 50/50. If you had mashed with 5 gal. and...
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    Recipe Advice with Hops

    I don't know what AA% the original recipe was looking for from the fuggles. Since Perle tends to have 2X the AA% of goldings or fuggles, I would use 2.5 oz of Perle. The beer looks to have a very high OG; so the high IBUs probably will work. Certainly, not your easy drinking patio pounder...
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    List of Ingredients = New Recipe has a brew builder that will let you do just that.
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    good carbonation, little head..

    Are you using fining agents like irish moss? Do you do a protein rest? If your beer is carbonated, your yeast were fed just fine. Did your wife clean your beer glasses with a new soap? Did you start using a drying agent in your dishwasher?
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    Help with my SNPA inspired recipe

    Not really a partial mash, just a steep right? You can't mash crystal malt alone. You could partial mash 1 lb crystal and 1-2 lbs 2-row malt (while reducing your LME by a pound or so).