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  1. eyakovetz

    Mash tun construction

    I'm going to generally stick to 5 gallon batches of high gravity porters and stouts.. I found 10 gallon coolers of both types
  2. eyakovetz

    Mash tun construction

    When constructing a mash tun, which type of cooler is best the short long camping cooler, our the tall round beverage type?
  3. eyakovetz

    NWI beginner

    Hello from northwest Indiana! I am a long time craft drinker and soon to be first time brewer. Well I've done a Mr. Beer kit if you want to call that brewing. Any way just ordered my first set-up from Midwest supplies and can't wait to join the ranks of the home brewer. Now for the first of...
  4. eyakovetz

    How did you find us?

    Searched brewing in my Google play and bam I'm here