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  1. J

    Brett bottling question

    Correction, it's at 1.002. Just took another sample so it dropped a few gravity points since 3 weeks ago. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  2. J

    Brett bottling question

    I brewed a Brett farmhouse ale using the Brett farmhouse strain from ECY. It finished at 1.004 so I Kegged the beer (did not carbonate) and planned to add priming sugar to the keg and then bottle the beer. I do not have a bottling bucket so I use a keg and makeshift bottling gun to bottle my...
  3. J

    can you cannibalize a corny keg to work on a sanke tap?

    Yes. A friend of mine has a jockey box built for sankey kegs that I use to dispense homebrew out of my corny kegs. I assume the end of your tap beer line has a nut fitting that looks like this: It might not have a wingnut but either way, it is a 7/8" connector. All you need is a...
  4. J

    Controlling Fermentation Freezer Temp Swings

    I have a better solution. Put more beer in the freezer to increase thermal mass :D
  5. J

    ECY19 Brettanomyces Custersianus

    I brewed an American Wheat with this strain. It does produce all of the melon/fruit characters as described on ECY's site. I did not have it around long enough to develop any tartness but it did have a very low sulfur aroma in the beer. One other thing - this yeast is not flocculant, not even in...
  6. J

    March Pump w Chugger SS Head

    Since my Chugger pump bit the dust, I was thinking about replacing it with a March pump but was curious if the Chugger SS head will fit or operate properly?
  7. J

    Pellicle Photo Collection

    A picture into my yeast starter of ECY20. This was pitched into a 5 gallon Balcones barrel last week and it has been chugging along since.
  8. J

    Breaking down benzaldehyde.

    Racking onto the yeast cake is completely fine unless the previous beer had an issue of course. I would say at this point take the advise of Charlie P. Relax, have a homebrew! Wait a few weeks for the yeast to finish their job and clean up the fermentation.
  9. J

    Breaking down benzaldehyde.

    "Whirlpooled 30 minutes Chilled via HERMS coil in ice bath to 70°." Are you getting a lot of oxygen pickup during these two parts of your brewing process? Is the wort falling a long distance back into your kettle? As you probably know, Benzaldehyde is a by-product of oxidation but it can also...
  10. J

    London Bars - Need input!

    We are traveling to London and Paris in September and am looking for any suggestions for good beer bars around the Notting Hill area. Im getting excited about the trip and enjoying a fresh ESB!
  11. J


    I used to cycle very frequently until a few years ago. I miss the feeling after doing a century ride :-( Speaking of, the tour starts this Saturday!
  12. J

    Chugger Pump dead....

    Was brewing this past weekend, went to fire up the pump to transfer water into my mash tun and my pump gave an audible POP, sparks and it tripped the breaker. It will do this each time I plug it in but it will start to pump (propeller and fan kicks on) for about a second. Is this something I can...
  13. J

    Wheat Malt & SMM

    Planning to do a 100% wheat beer this weekend and it got me thinking about SMM content of wheat malt and how long I need to boil to drive off DMS production. Does anyone know if wheat malt contains more or less SMM than barley?
  14. J

    Here it is...Massive April of Fools Sale - Nor Cal Brewing Solutions 25% Off

    Another false bottom would be awesome! Code please!
  15. J

    Pellicle Photo Collection

    Just a follow up to my Flanders Red I posted a photo of a few weeks back.
  16. J

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    in for the win!