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    Adding fruit flavor for Berliner Weisse when kegging.

    So I made a batch of the Training Wheels Berliner ( and it turned out really good, and I had been thinking of adding some watermelon juice when I kegged it, which seems to be fairly standard. Here's the rub. I've got a wedding to go to this...
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    What next? Progression in cider homebrewing.

    So I've been messing around with cider brewing for a few years now, I started how a lot of people did, with a gallon glass jug, some champagne yeast, and an airlock. Now I make about 5 gallons every few months with store bought juice, and I just picked up a 3 gallon keg and some CO2 so I can...
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    Belgian graff, recipe modification

    So I had a successful first try with Gunslinger's Graff as my first non cider brew(the tartness has really gone down after a few more weeks of bottle conditioning, my friends couldn't get enough of it), and I was contemplating making it again but I realize it may be a little warm in my...
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    Gunslinger's Graff advice, tartness mitigation

    So I made BrewingTV's Gunslinger's Graff recipe and it turned out pretty solid, it was my first experience with any kind of beer making. I left it in the primary until I hit the target FG of 1.010 per the recipe then primed and bottled. All in all I like the recipe and plan on making it...