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  1. Nikobrew

    NIKOBREW BLACK FRIDAY! Hops as low as $6/lb plus other great deals!

    Hey folks! The image below says it all! Thanks for your support, it's been a great eight years since we began here on HBT! CHEEEEEEEERS!!!!!!!!!
  2. Nikobrew

    Free Shipping At Nikobrew!

    Fellow BOOers!! Check it out! And $5 shipping credit for international orders - credit to be refunded via PayPal on Nov 1st.
  3. Nikobrew

    Independence Day Hops Sale @

    Hey Folks! In honor of Independence Day we have temporarily slashed the prices on almost all of our hops. The sale ends Tuesday, July 5th at 11:59PM PST. Don't miss out! Here's the price drops copy and pasted from our newsletter email. The first price is what the hops were per pound, the...
  4. Nikobrew

    HOPS FOR YOUR POPS! Father's Day Sale at Nikobrew RIGHT NOW

    Hey folks! Come get some hops for your pops! We've got 10% off ALL HOPS, right now, running through 11:59PM PST Sunday 6/19. Some are in limited supply but we're not limiting how much you can buy so order up and don't wait 'till the last minute. Or do.. You're an "adult", you can do whatever...
  5. Nikobrew

    Grab bags are back at at nikobrew!!

    Hey folks! We have a bunch of hops from the 2013 crop that we are blowing out in 4 packs for just $36 each! Click here to order! Each "Grab Bag" contains 4 individual pounds of pellet hops. What varieties are they? You won't know until you get them! There's over a dozen varieties in the mix...
  6. Nikobrew

    Nikobrew hops end of year clearance sale and grab bags

    Hey folks! This went out to everybody on our email list today. Make sure you're included next time, by scrolling to the bottom of our website and popping your name and email in the box! -------------- Clearance hops GRAB BAGS! We have a limited...
  7. Nikobrew

    Nikobrew Black Friday/Cyber Monday Blowout!

    Hey folks! It's been a while since we've posted here. Just about seven years ago we started supplying you fine folks with high quality hops at great prices and REALLY inexpensive shipping - Just $5 to ship ANY AMOUNT of ANY HOPS to ANY STATE in the US including Hawaii and Alaska! I wanted to...
  8. Nikobrew

    New Price Drops

    Hey everyone - I just wanted to swing by and let you know that we've dropped our prices on loads of hop varieties recently! Apollo - $11.50 Bravo - $12.00 Cascade - $11.75 Centennial - $16.00 CTZ - $9.25 Crystal - $11.00 EKG - $15.00 Herkules - $9.00 Liberty - $12.50 Pacific Jade -...
  9. Nikobrew

    New Hops at!

    We have received a couple of new hops into the warehouse: Lemondrop: Origionally called "Experimental #01210, this hop is a Cascade cross that is citrus-forward and great for IPAs Experimental #07270: The latest in the super-secret hop craze. Use 07270 for a nice hint of tangerine/peach...
  10. Nikobrew

    NikoBrew Sale!

    Good afternoon, fellow brewers! Just wanted to make sure you saw that we are having a sale over on NikoBrew. Things like Amarillo full pounds, EKG full pounds, Liberty full pounds, and even some of those hard-to-find German numbers - all on sale. Check 'em out, and thanks for your...
  11. Nikobrew

    Nikobrew hops grab bags and random pounds o hops!

    UPDATE *THIS SALE IS OVER! STAY TUNED, WE MAY RUN IT AGAIN SOON!* Good morning fellow homebrewers! Some of you may remember these from wayyy back when. Well, they're back while supplies last, or until Monday at 10PM pst, whichever comes first! Here's the deal: We have dozens of varieties of...
  12. Nikobrew

    Nikobrew Hops Grab Bags and Random Pounds O Hops

    Here's your teaser :) Some of you may remember these deals. If you do, you probably also remember that no matter how many we have available we sell out FAST. We'll make a new post when it's live. THIS DEAL IS LIVE! The thread to product links...
  13. Nikobrew

    Heull Melon Hops and more!

    Aw, Heull ... Melon! Try something truly different - Heull Melon hops! Developed at the Hop Research Institute at Heull, Germany and released in 2012. A daugher of Cascade, Heull Melon is an aroma hop that is true to its name. Honeydew is a keynote to this hop along with strawberry, orange...
  14. Nikobrew

    CYBER MONDAY AT NIKOBREW! Up to 50% Off All LBs of Hops! Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook..

    NIKOBREW Fellow homebrewers! I Just wanted to give you all an update on our current sale and let you know what we added to the mix, special for Cyber Monday. Right now all full pounds of hops are up to 50% off. Some of our nearly 50 varieties to highlight are: Amarillo $18.75/lb...
  15. Nikobrew

    Deals on NikoBrew shirts!

    Hey fellow homebrewers! Here's the latest from NikoBrew Headquarters: Niko wants you to have the shirt off of his back! Or at least one like it ... Back by popular demand, our "Savvy" skull shirt will make sure everyone who stares at you knows that you are plugged in to the best...
  16. Nikobrew

    NikoBrew deals coming at ya!

    Good afternoon fellow homebrewers! Here's the latest from the NikoBrew World Headquarters: It's a Super Styrian Blow-out! Super Styrian, also known as Styrian Aurora, is a Northern Brewer cross originating in eastern Europe and grown in Slovenia on a small, 25-acre family farm. Our hops...
  17. Nikobrew

    NikoBrew deals coming at ya!

    We've got new-to-us hops in our store! Challenger (6.3% AA) -Great aroma/flavor hop for your English ales. Sonnet (4.7% AA) -A Saaz variant that has Goldings-like qualities, it is a suitable aroma hop for English ales. Bullion (10.3% AA) -This "golden" hop is a great...
  18. Nikobrew

    Take 15% off all hops at

    Hey fellow homebrewers! Just wanted to pop in and let you know we are having a site-wide sale on all hops - 15% off! Use the code "HBTHOPS" and take your discount soon, because this sale is for a limited time only. Don't forget about our Flat Rate $5 shipping policy, either! Cheers...
  19. Nikobrew

    Nikobrew August Newsletter-Your One Stop Hop Shop

    Good afternoon fellow homebrewers! We have some cool hops in the warehouse this month, so get your grain bills ready and grab some - German and Polish Hops Looking for some unique German varietals for your next European beers? We have several really wonderful German hops in that will...
  20. Nikobrew

    Nikobrew Hops Sale - 15% OFF ALL VARIETIES

    We hope you're having am amazing summer of brewing beer, brewing beer, and...brewing beer! To show just how much we appreciate your support and encourage even more brewing, we're offering 15% off ALL of our hops. To get these sweet deals make sure to use coupon code: SUMMERHOPS This sale ends...