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    Belgian Golden Strong Ale Belgian Brother Golden Strong

    I don't think the nutrient is really necessary, particularly if you used a starter instead of just pitching the yeast as-is from the packet. If you're worried, pitch another packet. But if fermentation kicked off and is running, my guess is it will probably be fine. You can even boil a...
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    Sassafras flavor / alternatives

    *shrug* fine. MDA rather than methamphetamine. It was still an early volley in the war on drugs. As an aside, by the way, a couple years ago during a visit to seattle i wandered into an artisanal candy shop deep in the bowels of pike place market. All kinds of hand made sugary whatnots. An...
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    Sassafras flavor / alternatives

    What, you mean eugenol?
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    Sassafras flavor / alternatives

    The alleged carcinogenic nature of safrole was trumped up strictly because it's dead easy to make safrole into methamphetamine.
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    a small unhopped german beer for children?

    Yeah, i figured out malzbier with google - which found a page at the german beer institute, which didn't name any brands but stated that it is rarely exported. So thanks for some brand names and other terms for it. The gbi page stated that it is usually an ale yeast that is pitched when the...
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    a small unhopped german beer for children?

    It turns out that I vaguely know an older German fellow who's wife just gave birth to his first child. They tell me that he vaguely recalls that there was a beer he was given small drinks of as a small child to help him sleep. Almost no alcohol, and very sweet. He has no idea what it was...
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    DIY Beer Line Cleaner

    Got my 1/4" FFL to Cornelius post adapter from CHI, works a treat. Recommended. I'm sure their 1/4" MPT adapter works just as well.
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    You're fine. As long as you are properly sanitizing everything there is very little risk of infection. And the fizziness is normal. And anyway, worst case scenario, in six months you are selling artisinal cider vinegar at the farmer's market. FG should be less than 1. From what my...
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    DIY Beer Line Cleaner

    A step or two closer to my cornelius pin lock line cleaner. I've decided to use a never-used 1 gallon garden sprayer i already have and a 1/4"FFL x 19/32"-18 adapter from CHI-Company. And my cornelius pin-lock gas post that only has one pin hanging on. I'll be using 5-star LLC. The...
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    Homebrew filtration and Desired levels of CO2

    Cold crashing helps. But I was a n00b not so many months ago, and i got a lot better at racking over time. And with floaties in the beer, a filter bag over the end of the cane can really help. Just tryin' to give a n00b a few hints to a more rewarding bottling day.
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    Sludge in carboy

    Nah, just yeast settling out.
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    Homebrew filtration and Desired levels of CO2

    The exact units by style is less of an issue than it seems. Shoot for 2ish. When in doubt, try google, "brown ale co2 units" for example. As for filtering, try tying a hop sock or 1 gallon paint strainer bag over the end of the racking cane when you transfer to the bottling bucket.
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    What I did for beer today

    I bought a 5lb aluminum co2 tank, full, hydro from august 2011, for $40. Slapped a regulator on it and shoved it in my lame kegerator.
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    pickle bucket

    2000 grit is minimal to human eyes but a high rise condominium for biofilm
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    Skeeter Pee

    So anyway, I racked my pee into secondary the other day, and took a growler full to throw in the fridge first off the racking cane to catch most of the yeast that would come through. Also added kmeta and sorbate to secondary, haven't added the sugar yet. The pee in the growler has a sulfuric...
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    Skeeter Pee

    A packet of EC-1118.
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    Yooper's Hard lemonad? What yeasts will be good?

    red star should work fine, also montrachet, premier cuvee. For dryest you might want ec-1118, cotes de blanc might be less dry.
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    Wort Chilling

    I'll admit, I'm not an extract guy, but i was under the impression that it can be done. how are you cooling your wort? Are you just waiting?
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    Wort Chilling

    You can do that.
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    White house beer

    that would work but we just don't know how much fuggle aroma and flavor they wanted this beer to have. Nobody proofread that recipe. I mean, honestly, it says to add 1/2oz of fuggles at the "last minute of the boil", then add the honey and boil for 5 more minutes. wha?