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    Bottling High ABV beers

    Any tips on bottling high ABV beers that have been barrel aged? Add extra yeast, ect… Thanks.
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    Too high FG

    My latest beer is a barleywine type brew with 1.098 OG. The yeast is WLP007, which seemed a good yeast for this fermentation. I pitched a large starter and things took off quickly. After about three weeks my temperature controller malfunctioned(Inkbird) and essentially cold crashed the beer...
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    Almost no carbonation in Imperial Stout

    The beer in question is an imperial stout with an OG of 1.099. Everything went fine and I hit all my numbers, including a FG of 1.018, at which time I transferred this 5 gallon batch to a bourbon barrel. After four months I bottled with one cup of corn sugar and Lallemand CBC-1...
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    Carbonating a high ABV, BBA beer

    I'm getting ready to bottle a 5 gallon batch of imperial stout that has been barrel aged. I hit all my numbers per BeerSmith, including the measured FG of 1.018, so I will assume the ABV is the estimate 10.9%. My question is, should I introduce yeast to this beer at bottling time to get...
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    Off flavor?

    I was stoked recently when everything went "perfectly" with the brewing of a Wee Heavy type Scotch ale. Ph, OG, and FG all exactly matched the software(Bru N' Water and BeerSmith). Unfortunately, I botched everything with a mistake in setting my fermentation controller to the wrong temp, and the...
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    Intersesting result?

    I recently found some WLP099 yeast, still in the old glass vile, in the back of my refrigerator. It was almost 1 1/2 years overcode, but I decided to try and do a starter with it. I added it to one pint of 1.040 sterile wort and put on the stirplate for the usual 48 hours. I never saw the...
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    Favorite water profile for Imperial Stout?

    For Bru'n water users, what is your favorite water profile for Imperial Stout? Thanks.
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    14mm is for 1/2" tubing right?

    I've saved a lot of money in the past by getting SS fittings from foreign suppliers, despite the wait time(that's where it all comes from anyway). Just making sure that a 14mm hole in a fitting like a compression fitting is for the 1/2 stainless tubing we all use. Am I right? Thanks.
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    Hop Additions Below Boiling Temp

    I'm considering trying some new flameout hopping techniques(new for me, I mean). I've read many posts about brewers who chill to temps below boiling, and then add their steeping hops. There are many posts about doing this, but I'm curious about what danger this poses(excessive hotbreak, DMS...
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    Another FG Question.

    I realize that there are a lot of posts concerning FG on this forum, and that there are a universe of issues that can affect the way a beer finishes. My beer is a big IPA that started out at 1.098. After one month in the primary at 68 degrees I transferred to a secondary for dry hopping and now...
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    Everything in one carboy?

    I have been making a lot of IPA's and have been very strict about racking into a CO2 purged secondary using CO2 pressure. That is when I do my dry hopping. I'm curious as to whether I could try to do the whole thing in one carboy. There is plenty of headspace after the initial fireworks. That...
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    No flame from Bayou Classic burner.

    I have just purchased two outdoor burners equipped with what appear to be Bayou Classic BG-14 burners. It seems like many of the burners setups(including Blichmann) and brew sculptures I see use this burner. I was surprised when I tried to use these burners and I got no flame at the burner...
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    No carbonation yet

    I have been attempting to carbonate an imperial stout. My refrigerator is very cold at about 36-37 degrees. I set me pressure at 5psi, which is within range for this beer on the carbonation chart. After 2 weeks there is not even a hint on carbonation. This is a big beer that started at 1.098 and...
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    Aging In A Keg

    I have an Imperial Stout aging in a corny keg with some bourbon soaked oak chips. OG was 1.092, and after a month in the primary the SG was 1.022. Just wondering what my fellow brewers thought about the length of time this beer should age. It's been in the keg for a month. First time trying this...
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    Hi ABV Stout fermentation

    My latest beer is an imperial stout with a measured OG of 1.092, which is exactly where BeerSmith said it should be. The yeast is the erstwhile WLP001. After 4 weeks in the primary I racked into a keg with some bourbon oak chips to let the beer age for however long. Before sealing the keg I took...
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    Massive chill haze

    I just drew a sample of my DIPA that I've made several times. It's been carbonating in a very cold refrigerator at 10psi for 1 week. The beer has a massive chill haze this time, but tastes fine. The only difference with this batch is that I used water from a high quality filter rather than...
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    Stepping up starter from a slant.

    I've read the slanting article and followed the instructions closely, and my first effort at creating a starter from a slant went flawlessly(WLP001). What I'm wondering now is how far can you take the stepping up process to create larger amounts of yeast? Brewers who use these larger fermenters...
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    Would a bacteriostatic filter be worth it?

    I have been a achieving good results with bottled water from a local spring water company. I've been buying two 5 gallon bottles for the production of 6 gallons of fermentable wort, which leaves me with about 5 gallons of finished beer for bottling or kegging. I realize that the $10 I pay is a...
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    Haven't seen this yet

    Here's a new one on me I'd like to ask my fellow brewers on this forum about. There are probably other threads that may explain this, so please excuse my redundancy. The particulars of my latest batch are: OG 1.076, yeast WLP001, fermentation temp 66 degrees constant. After a couple of days of...
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    Total kegging failure so far.

    I realize there is a myriad of posts on this subject already, so I mean no disrespect in starting another. My beer is an IPA, and this is my first attempt at kegging. After 11 days at 12 psi @37F, I'm still getting a cup of massive foam that yields a flat beer upon recession. I've read dozens of...