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  1. zzARzz

    Interesting Keg Delivery in Dublin

    I wonder if this would work when taking my full Ale Pail downstairs? ;)
  2. zzARzz

    Interesting Keg Delivery in Dublin

    Please delete; sorry for the double post .
  3. zzARzz

    The Forgotten Beer Experiment

    In January of 2013 I had developed a strange, albeit temporary desire to abandon the safety of brewing traditional beer styles made with traditional ingredients for something a little more off the beaten path. I was torn between doing a weizen or a stout so to placate the mad scientist in me I...
  4. zzARzz

    Weizen Braggot Advice

    Hi All, I wanted to take a stab at a strong braggot and came up with the following recipe. I've done quite a bit of mead making research but haven't made a mead/braggot before. Any suggestions or comments you may have would be greatly appreciated. Weizen Braggot Type: All Grain...
  5. zzARzz

    Unlikely Steeping "Issue"

    Hey All, I did an extract Lite American Lager (recipe below) last night and came across an interesting non-issue. I use BeerSmith and it set the OG at 1.032, but when I measured OG after cooling the wort it showed 1.044. I measured it both with a refractometer and hydrometer and both...
  6. zzARzz

    $9 Copper Sparge Arm DIY

    While in Home Depot the other day I was wandering through the plumbing section when I got the idea for a sparge arm using cheap copper parts. I just put it together and I have to say I'm happy with the way it turned out. So I thought I'd share it with a parts list and how to. I'd love to hear...
  7. zzARzz

    Conan O'Brien Visits Guinness

    Funny and cool segment of the Conan O'Brien Show where he visits Guinness in Dublin. That poor tour guide is a saint: "
  8. zzARzz

    Deals of the Day

    I was looking around the net for brewing supplies and thought I would share the better deals I've found: Brewer's Gold Pellet Hops in 8oz bag for $8.95 (+ another $2.00 off for liking them on FaceBook): Munton's...
  9. zzARzz

    GF Oatmeal Milk Stout Advice

    Hi All, I want to make a GF oatmeal milk stout for a friend as an Xmas gift, but I'm a complete novice when it comes to GF brewing. I've come up with the following recipe and would like your expert opinions. I've been perusing the GF thread all day and have gotten some great info, so here's...
  10. zzARzz

    Funny Mistake Got My Friends S*** Faced

    So my girlfriend and I decided to have some friends over Saturday night to clear out my aging stock of home brew, grill out and generally have a good time. Now the mistake comes into play when, on the past 3 brews I've done, I wasn't coming anywhere close to my final gravities. They tasted...
  11. zzARzz

    My First Yeast Starter Experience: Get Some Towels

    I was having trouble with my brews reaching their final gravity targets, so I decided to make a stir plate using the designs and ideas of the clever folks around here on HomeBrewTalk: I was flabbergasted when a Brown Ale I brewed on Monday started having activity only an hour after...
  12. zzARzz

    Peanut Butter Pooch Cookies: Spent Grist

    Hi Everyone, Reading through the forums I saw people mention making dog cookies out of spent grist, so I thought I'd add my own recipe. My Golden Retriever went on "Crack Attack" when she tasted the first one, so they come highly recommended. This is modified from a milk bone recipe on...
  13. zzARzz

    Weissbier Weizenhoefer Honey Wheat Ale

    This is an all-grain honey wheat ale I designed at the request of my girlfriend and I have to say I'm very happy with the way it turned out. The wheat and honey flavors make it on the sweet side, but are balanced by the hops. It has a silky / creamy mouth-feel which is probably my favorite...
  14. zzARzz

    RECIPE CHALLENGE: Sub-$15 Batches

    I thought it would be fun for everyone to formulate and post their favorite recipes so that they cost $15 or less for a 5 gallon batch. Use the best prices you can find, whether online, from the LBS, etc., and post them with your recipes. GOVERNMENT ISSUE BEER All prices from Paradise...
  15. zzARzz

    Mini Fridge Collar and Temp Controller Build

    Hey Everyone, I needed a fermentation chamber for a Scottish Heavy Ale I'm doing and had a 1.8 cu.ft. mini fridge that the 5 gallon carboy wouldn't quite fit in, so I decided to build a collar for it and add an "eBay Temperature Controller" while I was at it. Below are a few pics and the plans...
  16. zzARzz

    Handy Brewing Spreadsheet

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share a handy tool I made. It originally started as a simple way of converting Brix to SG when I got my refractometer, but I kept adding on to it as the need arose and found myself too lazy (I prefer the term "too eager") to hunt all over the net when I could...
  17. zzARzz

    Hey, hey, hey!

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself and say, "Hello!" I live in Kentucky, am in my mid 30s and my girlfriend has become jealous of my beloved new mistress: Brewing. I started brewing back in April for a class project. I'm in culinary school and for a final project in our...
  18. zzARzz

    Review: Brinkmann 815-4005-S Outdoor Cooker Stand

    Hey Everyone, I just received Brinkmann's 815-4005-S Outdoor Cooker Stand and am pretty happy with it. I ordered it from Amazon ( with free shipping for just $50 and received it quickly and undamaged...
  19. zzARzz

    $5.00 False Bottom Plan

    Hey Everyone, I wanted to do my first all-grain brew and did a lot (A LOT) of research into to the best methods, costs involved, etc. I decided that the false bottom would give me the most flexibility, but at anywhere from $30-$100 for professionally made ones, my inner Scrooge said, "Bah...