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    Fancy Beer

    I love craigslist!!:D Fancy Beer
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    Windows Vista Compatability

    Looking for some advice from all the techies out there. I am buying a laptop from my brother who decided he would rather have a Mac right after purchasing it. So I am getting it for about half what he paid for it. The PC will be primarily for use with brewing software and something to hold my...
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    Conical Heads Up in Houston

    Just perusing craigslist and spotted this. I would scoop it up in a heartbeat if I had the funds. Conical :mug:
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    Saint Arnold' s Brewery, Houston,TX

    Went to the Saint Arnolds brewery today for my first fathers day present. Snapped a few pics and thought I would share. Enjoy!:mug: Bottling LIne Water Tank Cleaning Water Tank ( I dug the name of it!!)
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    The Westy 12 and Pannepot are almost in my grasp!!!

    My coworker just called me from Germany tonight asking me " What was the name of that beer you wanted me to look for ? ".:D If she comes thru I will be way excited. I mainly have been wanting to try the Pannepot after to listening to the Sunday Session with the brewers from De Struisse. They...
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    I know , I' m going to Hell.

    It is funny though. 3IFUNIa2NU8&hl=en
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    Brother in law doing a suspension hanging tatoo

    He is the redhead at the end. He is also a crazy fu***r. (Don' t look if you have a weak stomach!!!)
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    Hot Chicks with ****** Bags

    This has to be the best website ever. As good if not better than the famous what white people like. Hot Chicks With ****** Bags
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    More Beer has a sweet deal of the day

    This has to be the best deal ever!!:ban:
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    Tax Refund and help spending it

    So my old lady and I decided that we would each spend $200 of the money we get back on whatever we want. You know, to stimulate the economy and what have you. So I decided that a grain mill is in order. That will leave me some money left over. Now the question is what should I buy? I was...
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    Everyday Normal Guy

    This could be my theme song!!
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    Explosive Cyser

    Woke up at 4 in the morning to a huge puddle of yeast coming out of the airlock. The carboy was surrounded by nice sticky honey foam. Forgot to take pics until after I had attached a blowoff tube. I had no idea Lavlin 71b was so active. This thing is going NUTS!!
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    Having a bottle capper around rules!

    I just opened a 22oz bottle of Hog Heaven and poured a small glass. A few minutes later my brother calls and says he is coming to pick me up to go eat. I look at my full bottle of beer and try to figure out what to do with it, and suddenly I remember I have caps and a capper. Problem solved.:mug:
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    Finally Here!!!

    Well she was a week and a half late but my daughter finally arrived. I present to you Monroe Paige Smith.( I know there is a Kid Pics thread but I am a first time Dad so I am a little excited.)
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    Basic Brewing " Brewing Nightmares"

    If you haven' t listened this episode I highly reccomend it. It is hilarious!!! I almost spit my coffee on my computer screen.
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    50 quart Mash Tun

    Just picked up a 50 quart Maxcold cooler from Academy for $25:ban: All grain here I come. Should I go ahead and spring for the stainless steel ball valve, also anyone see any problem with using the Bazooka Screen instead of a braid?
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    I got the Dethklok album for christmas. It is by far one of the funniest cartoons ever. Anybody else watch the show? Mutilated1 I know you have to watch it.:rockin: 2TghMv5gaDw&rel
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    Achmed The Terrorist

    Funny Stuff! 1uwOL4rB-go&rel
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    Backpacking Pics

    Just got back from Arkansas in the Ouachita Mountains. Had a blast but that trail kicked our butts. It went from water crossing to steep climbs back to more water crossing. So either your feet were wet or you were climbing a mountain side with the worst switchbacks ever. We had to leave early...
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    Leave Britney Alone!!!!

    This **** is so funny!! hZAr9E8i3ng