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  1. JINKS

    Beersmith 2.2.12 water question.

    I purchase reverse osmosis water to brew with and I would like to add the cost into my totals. Per the Beersmith help I should be able to adjust inventory levels and cost, but I can't figure out how. I have found how to set price and inventory levels for everything else...
  2. JINKS


    Hello, my name is JINKS and I'm a squeezer.:cross: Today was my first brew in a bag, and after reading tons of threads across the web, I decided to NOT squeeze. The problem started when I pulled up and dangled the basket in my Bayou Classic 44qt kettle. It was just hanging there peacefully...
  3. JINKS

    Raspberry Melomel

    24 oz of Raspberries 1.5 gallons water 5 lbs clover honey 1 cinnamon stick Sitting with the pectic enzyme at the moment yeast pitch is tomorrow.71b-1122 :ban:
  4. JINKS

    Will you check my diagram

    Can the electrical geniuses out there please check my work to make sure that I wont kill myself on my first e-BIAB day. Shown LeD's are for illustration only I have 12v panel rated ones. (just couldnt find a good picture.) Using knife switches as an aesthetic, although they do add...
  5. JINKS

    From sunglasses to E-biab

    I had been kicking around switching from kits to brew in a bag for a few weeks and had acquired a new Bayou 11 gallon kettle. My main desire was to make something that I could use to crane out the bag, so I didn't have to hold the grain bag while it drained. I had been looking around here on...
  6. JINKS

    2nd Label tutororial published

    Yea! The powers that be saw fit to publish my second article about labels. and my first article
  7. JINKS

    Multi Layer Label with

    First collect all the pictures you would like to use in the making of the label. Second you will need Install and open the program you should see this: Now you need to decide on the label size: Click File click on New and choose your size. I will use in this instance 14 inches by 6...
  8. JINKS

    What strange thing have you carbonated?

    Today my regulator and carbonater cap came via UPS. I won't be getting around to kegging my barley-wine until this weekend so out of sheer scientific interest I decided to start carbonating strange things. Tonights experiment is 2% milk. I put it in at about 7 lbs co2 at 40 degrees in a diet...
  9. JINKS

    Add your own Font to BeerLabelizer

    First you will need a couple things: Inkscape is a free open-source graphics program. Beer Labelizer premium membership for $5.00. In Labelizer pick the label and color you prefer delete all the text and upload your preferred art. When you have the artwork in place satisfactorily save it as a...
  10. JINKS

    When Animals Attack People Who Make questionable Decisions

    I'm not the author but was requested to start this thread from posting this story in another. I'm hoping that this story even though probably untrue will inspire others to share similar humorous stories from their past Actual Letter from someone who writes, and farms. I had this idea that I...
  11. JINKS

    Gruit Ale

    Making an experimental 1ish gallon batch. 1 tbsp yarrow 1 tbsp mugwort 1 tbsp st. johns wort Boiled the herbs in 1.5 qt water for 30 min. I added 1.5 lb light dme, boiled for an additional 10 min, cooled to pitching temp and threw in re-hydrated Nottingham. 1.060 OG These pics are directly...
  12. JINKS

    Help with 1st time Plum wine

    I have a plum tree growing out back of the house and I am thinking about making a plum wine. Do I need to skin the plums? (cherry size) 2 gallon size figured I'd use this as a primary. It's 2+ gallon from b,b and b for 25 bucks. I have a brown 2 gallon secondary to rack to and I figure the...
  13. JINKS

    BlueBerry Melomel

    Been doing lots of research on how to create this masterpiece. I have a JAOM going now but I don't have the patience to wait to see how it turns out before I make another. 1 gallon batch. 12 oz frozen blueberries thawed and pureed in a blender. 3.7 lbs honey. 2 lbs unpasteurized/unfiltered and...
  14. JINKS

    First Wine attempt, no boiling?

    Ok I'm coming from the beer side of this world to try to make my first wine from a cornucopia kit. Beer you boil to sanitize the wort why do my instructions not say to boil the must to sanitize? Isn't there a risk of infection just like with wort? Does boiling create some problem compounds?
  15. JINKS

    My First BarleyWine

    Title: Wae Heavy Author: Jinks Brew Method: Extract Style Name: English Barleywine Boil Time: 90 min Batch Size: 3.5 gallons (fermentor volume) Boil Size: 5 gallons Boil Gravity: 1.089 Efficiency: 55% (steeping grains only) STATS: Original Gravity: 1.128 Final Gravity: 1.029 ABV (standard)...
  16. JINKS

    The All-in-One Carboy Cover (

    Has anybody tried one of these? I just bought 3 and am asking for feedback after my purchase. (normal for me)
  17. JINKS

    Pumpkin ale disaster

    So today was Steampumpkin ale bottling day. Bottling is pretty straight forward as I have done it numerous times before. This day turned into a potential disaster. The ale kit comes with spices and directions to put them into a cup of vodka to steep. Simple, easy, understandable, I followed...