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    What to buy next to improve the quality of my beer?

    I think O2 is overrated. I'd get a mill - a Corona is only $30.
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    Off-taste in maris otter-based bitter-help!

    Exactly - think about Budweiser - there's nowhere to hide any flaw. Stouts, porters and IPA are all good at hiding fermentation errors, because they have strong flavors. This is why many consider pilsner to be one of the tougher styles to do really well.
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    Off-taste in maris otter-based bitter-help!

    I'm also thinking yeast esters. MO is like using 2 row with some crystal 20. I've used it in many different styles and would never consider it tart.
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    what is the max gallon I can brew with a 30 gallon system

    Totally depends on the size of the beer. Your limited by what you can mash, not boil. So you can make a much larger batch of 3% mild than 12% barley wine. I can do 10 gallons easily in 15 gal keggles.
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    Ping-Pong ball dry hop in keg?

    I put the hops in a bag and just drop it in the keg. At serving temp, it's gonna be drank before any negative occurs. I also think the grassy thing happens with noble / low AA hops far more than with C type hops. I've never had an issue with a long dry hop of big AA american hops.
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    First Saison

    Belle saison dry is very easy to use. I would use your usual closet and not try to control the temp - just let it go. It'll probably finish within a week. I've done several beers with belle and it will end up pretty dry.
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    Grapefruit Juice in Beer

    Make a tincture - add the zest and juice to everclear or vodka and let sit for a week or two - then add to taste at packaging.
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    Input needed - 7 day IPA

    You can do it - but not with bottle conditioning. If you try it I would overpitch a ton of yeast - ideally a big ass starter at full krausen. Give it from day 2-5 to ferment and package on day 5, leaving days 6-14 to bottle condition. I would brew the beer and tell your buddy his birthday...
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    Fermentation Times - General Rule?

    Higher ABV = Longer fermentation, as a general rule. It's done when it's done.
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    First time Saison brewer - bottled too early?

    Typically you should take readings over a couple of days to be sure - but 1003 is pretty low. You should be fine. I'd test one at day 5. Saison yeast is pretty aggressive and can certainly finish quickly.
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    The Big Three should die

    The word monopoly does not mean what I think it means. Apparently.
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    Oxidation problems for new brewer

    It's fine - I never secondary and use 6 gal carboys and 6/5 buckets - probably oxidize more in transfer than with the headspace
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    How many batches at one time

    I have one in primary, 3 on tap, 2 lagering and 1 carbonating.
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    I made a big mistake...

    If this is a hoppy style, you may want to dry hop (just add pellets to primary fermenter) to boost your ibu some. The lower temp would result in less hop isomerization and lower bitterness.
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    Where Have All The Brewers Gone?

    Start a club - there wasn't a good club local to me, networked with a few dudes on facebook and now I have 3-4 guys I brew with a lot.
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    Original gravity is too low. What can I do?

    I would probably leave it alone, check your notes and figure out what happened. What was your target OG? Honey won't add much flavor, but will spike your abv. You could add DME, or dextrose, sucrose, etc. I'd just let it ride and call it a session beer.
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    Is anyone else anal/OCD in their prep like me?

    I assemble my mill while water is heating, start grinding grain and make some notes - my recipe is created on the fly in the brew house. Once I've mashed in and started the timer, I'll plug my recipe into brewsmith to see where the numbers are compared to what I think they'll be...
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    I need some help with low BIAB efficiency please

    7.5 gallons of 8% beer in a keggle, BIAB is pretty maxed out. What you do is be happy with 65% and call it a day. Lower ABV or less volume and you'll pick up a few points. RDWHAHB
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    Airlock turned brown

    You're getting krausen blowing into the airlock. If you have the ability, rig a blow off tube. Otherwise, pull the airlock, clean and sanitize and reinstall. What temp is your beer at?