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    s-04 or US-05 for a Texas Brown Ale (Brown IPA)

    I find S04 to be a great yeast. It should leave the beer with a little more sweet and malty flavor then S05 will, and I love that yeast as well. As to killing the hops? I don't think you have anything to worry about with either yeast killing your hop flavor or bitterness.
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    Chocolate Banana Stout

    You could also use cocoa nibs to really get a chocolate flavor....
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    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    could you point me to the correct Adapter?
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    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    I use the same temp probes and xlr connectors that are used on The Electric brewery build, in fact I purchased them from them. My question, as I know nothing about Raspberry Pi, but am intrigued, and about ready to re-do my stand as I want to go to 100% electric, will those probes work with a...
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    BrewHardware Giveaway!

    Count me in!
  6. H Gift Certificate Contest

    Posting a reply to enter contest!
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    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    I'm replying to the thread!
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    3 FLoyds Zombie Dust attempt. Help/info requested

    I have always force carbed in a corny every time, had no problem thus far with grassy.
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    Finally...Wooden Single Tier Underway

    Nice! Subscribed! Look forward to seeing the future posts.
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    Desperate plea for Keggle help! (Rust??)

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond and at least look at the thread. I feel a little bit better now. Think when I get home I will chill my Beer Mail and start a Phosphoric Acid bath in the bottom of the keg for a few minutes. Will report back if it goes haywire!
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    Desperate plea for Keggle help! (Rust??)

    Thanks for the replies everyone, perhaps this may help. The top was cut off with an angle grinder and the keg was pre-filled half way with water before cutting began. The keg was just purchased from a brewery and was dirty inside. To my knowledge it has never been exposed to a flame as...
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    What to do with the top part of my fridge?

    +1 That is exactly what resides in mine!
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    Desperate plea for Keggle help! (Rust??)

    Ok, I shot a video of this last night, so if you watch the video you can see a good example of what I am talking about. Start watching at about 2:20 to about 3:00 if you do not want to hear me babble. I have a SS keg that I have cut open, installed a sight glass and spigot. Once I cleaned...
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    Video me and the kid did of All grain Batch

    To me, this is NEVER a bad thing :P I noticed a jump as well in efficiency once I had my own grain mill. I haven't adjusted my recipes for it yet as I am still going for consistency. Once I make a batch a few times and I am hitting the same numbers then I will adjust to my new efficiency.
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    Video me and the kid did of All grain Batch

    Good job! I've always called Perle - Pearl hops. Another thing I like to do, especially since I am outside, is when I put my strike water into the MLT, I put the top on and let the cooler absorb some of the heat. Then I will add my grain and get to my mash temp. Good to see another SW...
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    Need help with a Citra APA

    +1 I concur and would also point out, IMO, only dry hop with leaf with Citra. 1 oz for say 7-10 days is good, 2 oz I think is better. Stay away from dry hoping with pellets when it comes to Citra. My experience, as I have done both several times, the pellets lend a "cat piss" smell, rather...
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    My Irish Red Ale

    Your grain bill is fairly light, at only 8lbs. I would say you could do .25 Carapils to achieve a decent mouthfeel. Really it depends on what you are looking for. I think most of us see Irish red, not a heavy beer. You did say you were looking for a seasonal (Winter) beer, maybe you want it...
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    Ripping the guts out of a mini fridge

    I have tore apart three mini refrigerators now. One, a Sanyo, had the same sort of lines that you are describing. Not only did the coils run on both sides, but it also ran across the top (obviously, a closed system). These lines are RIDICULOUSLY thing and fragile. If you do not have to take...
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    5 Gal Sanke Style keg

    I was given one of these, and wondering, do they have much monetary value?