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  1. mbwaterdog

    Thoughts on Strata, Nugget IPA recipe

    Hi all, I have an abundance of Nugget hops from our farm and was originally planning to do a Nugget SMaSH, but I have a boat load of strata leftover. I recently brewed a PA with Kveik yeast that I cultured from a can and it came out excellent. So, I'm hoping to use what I have to make a nice...
  2. mbwaterdog

    Advice for a clean IPA with leftover hops

    Looking for advice or recipe suggestions using leftover hops from last fall's harvest and other brews. I'd like to brew a nice clean IPA with a low SRM (<5). Here's what I got in my armory: 6.5 oz. dried Nugget leaf 2 oz. dried Galena leaf 5 oz. dried Chinook leaf 0.5 oz. Simcoe pellets 0.5...
  3. mbwaterdog

    The kitchen sink NEIPA

    Hey folks, I'm throwing leftover hops from this year in a big NEIPA and am looking for some insight - mainly suggestions as to whether or not my hop schedule is completely crazy ;) I'm going for something with a light gold hazy color, a lot of mouthfeel - good head retention and "juicy" (are we...
  4. mbwaterdog

    Bourbon golden stout (oh my!?!)

    Hey folks- trying something totally different here and looking for suggestions! I once tried a golden stout aged in bourbon barrels that was fantastic and I'm going for something similar here. I know that in 3 months I'll be wanting something warm on a cold winter's night... 5 gal batch OG...
  5. mbwaterdog

    Recipe suggestions for whole cone hops

    Just harvested this year's crop and ended up with tons of Nugget and Chinook. I've already brewed with the wet hops (Rye Pale Ale!), but I am looking for some recipe suggestions that are forward on the Nugget and Chinook to use with the rest of my whole cone hops that will be dehydrated. I...
  6. mbwaterdog

    BSG Mosaic pellets with different AA??

    So I recently received a couple packs of mosaic pellet hops from BSG and noticed that each pack has a different AA?? I've never seen this before. Why are they different?
  7. mbwaterdog

    How long can yeast starter stay in fridge?

    Hey all, New to the board, but not to home brewing :) I ordered some Wyeast 1318 about a month ago (nearest LHBS is an hour away) and it arrived 3 weeks ago. I immediately planned a 2-step starter, but life happened and I still haven't brewed. I made a starter as soon as it arrived, put it in...