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  1. Rivenin

    When bottling, is there any benefit to avoiding aeration?

    coming from the beer world, the pouring that people do drove me nuts! I bought a mini autosiphon and works fine for me, plus less mess... but after this long, i can't see an issue why, espcially when it's how well respected brewers do it.
  2. Rivenin

    Mold on Surface?

    PH too low is what i have heard more than not when there is mold unfortunately. Toss it and start over, but make sure and use enough starter liquid... if you don't have enough, get some raw plain kombucha from the store (GT's is plenty tart enough)
  3. Rivenin

    Does my kobycha look healthy?

    looking good!!
  4. Rivenin

    Fermenting Super Fast with no new scoby

    odd question... i've had vinegar form VERY fast, but my kombucha takes a good chunk of time... did you use any vinegar to clean the equipment or drop the PH? just randomly popped into my head
  5. Rivenin

    How tart should F1 be at bottling time?

    It's been 10 days so far, just starting to get tart, but just barely.... would it be time to bottle? Or should I wait until it's perfect drinking kombucha and then bottle? I'm new to this and I've heard it's within 2 weeks per batch Thanks!
  6. Rivenin

    2F in the fridge then carbonation..

    Thanks! Kind of figured that was the case, but just wanted to verify as I'm just getting into this.
  7. Rivenin

    2F in the fridge then carbonation..

    Coming from the beer brewing world, I have some questions... as i really do not want to strain my kombucha if i bring it to work or have a ton of sediment after 1st fermentation... would the following steps work? - take out SCOBY and starter tea for next batch. - add in fruits / spices /...
  8. Rivenin

    Pre-installed Boilcoils

    'im guessing it's due to them wanting all the valves and connections on one side so you do'nt smack it into anything or having to reach around a 20 gallon kettle to unplug or plug it in while the temperature is potentially 200+ degrees.
  9. Rivenin

    My StillDragon Controller Build

    i like it!
  10. Rivenin

    General RA guidelines for darker beers.

    Awesome, thank you! I've heard so many different stories on this that it's just been odd. But i will try that out!
  11. Rivenin

    General RA guidelines for darker beers.

    So, diving more into the depths of water salts and mineral additions. I'm starting to look more into RA and darker beers. I'm brewing a brown weekend after next, so i'm starting to look at doing the water profile. Is there a general rule of thumb for what to "Shoot for" regarding RA and SRM...
  12. Rivenin

    BIAB / Two vessel brewing and PH / Salts

    Perfect, thank you! Had a feeling it was simple... but water science scares me... i have the water book sitting next to me at my desk, taunting me... but i haven't picked it up yet.
  13. Rivenin

    Cellar Pictures

    IMG_20161225_224952_313 by Noah Scott, on Flickr newer picture - 80 bottles at last count
  14. Rivenin

    Brewers Edge - Mash and Boil system $300 This thing actually looks pretty sweet. - $300 - 1600w - control panel - can hold 16lb of grain - no pump... but that just makes it a little more simple and cheaper, which works for me Do you want to get into mashing but...
  15. Rivenin

    BIAB / Two vessel brewing and PH / Salts

    long story short. I have 2 kids and the normal 3 vessel brewing is becoming difficult to do while helping the wife watch the kids (1yo and 3yo) So i'm switching it up to a two vessel system (something like a Blichmann breweasy) and the brewday went just fine until i realized salts and PH...
  16. Rivenin

    Trade Homebrew Pictures!

    Jester king and Block 15 figgy pudding were the last two... most of my funds are going elsewhere, haven't been able to update the beer fridge in awhile! 20161218_191310 by Noah Scott, on Flickr
  17. Rivenin

    Brewpot Boil markings

    I took my dremel with a sanding type attachment and made markings
  18. Rivenin

    Deep Six Brew Monitor

    Holy crap, i remember this. Glad to see it never died!
  19. Rivenin

    WLP013 - Overwhelming Oak Aftertaste

    i've never used it, but that makes it very intriguing to me!
  20. Rivenin

    Fresh baker's yeast

    i've done it before. People have different experiences with it due to it not being one "strain". It's all Saccharomyces, but not one kind. Last time I tried it, it was very Belgian... wasn't bad but wasn't great tasting.