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    Beating a dead horse... kinda

    I use one of these electric turkey heaters as a HLT. It workers pretty good. But Walker is right that the temperature control is crappy. Mine only allows you to adjust the set point in 25 degree increments. I usually just set the set point at 200 and monitor the temp with an separate...
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    American Pale Ale Cascades / Orange Pale Ale

    This was my third AG batch, and it has turned out the best. I think this is a great recipe. Thanks blacklab.
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    American Pale Ale Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale

    Just to update this post, my keg did clear up after about 3 weeks. I brewed the Austin Homebrew Kalamazoo IPA this weekend, and the grain bill was surprisingly similar to this recipe.
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    How big is your panel?

    Well I bought a control panel box off of eBay. It is 20x11x9", and it has a console design. I have not seen any other boxes like it. I think it should work pretty good.
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    How big is your panel?

    How about opinions on metals versus plastic? Plastic would be easier to drill and cut.
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    How big is your panel?

    I am going to use 3 pids from Auber like Kal's setup. There will be 3 contactors in the box. I do not intend to have the amp and volt meters that Kal has on his panel.
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    How big is your panel?

    I have been looking at panel enclosures on eBay recently. What size panel are most people using? I know Kal recommends a minimum of a 16x16x8 box. There is a pretty good deal on eBay fora 12x12x6 box. Will it be too cramped?
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    Another Electric Build - Morgan Dollar Brewery

    Nice panel. Where did you get the disconnect switch? I have been looking for one, but I have been scared of the price.
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    American Pale Ale Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale

    Well I have been drinking my first batch of this recipe for about 10 days now. It has a nice clean taste to it. The next time I brew this recipe I am going to try dry hopping as others have recommended. I would like it to be slightly more hoppy. My keg also has not completed cleared yet, but...
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    American Pale Ale Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale

    I just popped my all grain cherry with this recipe. It took me 5 hours start to finish. I calculated a 81% efficiency, so I am pretty happy. Thanks for the recipe. I can't wait to taste it.
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    Thermowell needed in mash tun

    I'm going to add an RTD to my mash tun. What is the benefit of using a thermowell as opposed to just having the RTD directly in the mash?
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    Favorite place to buy extract kits?

    I have only bought from AHS, but I have been very pleased with their service. I also really like the selection of kits they have. Plus as a UT graduate I like to support Austin businesses.
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    AHS American IPA high final gravity

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to bring it up from the basement to raise the temperature, give it a gentle stir, and then let it sit for another week.
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    AHS American IPA high final gravity

    I am brewing the AHS American IPA I liquid extract kit. The recipe says the final gravity is supposed to be 1.012. I am at 1.020 now, and the beer has been in the primary for 3 weeks. The original gravity was dead on the recipe at 1.060. Is it safe to keg the beer now or should I wait?
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    apricot heff extract gone bad

    I brewed the Apricot Wheat extract kit from AHS. It ended up with a very strong medicinal taste like cough syrup. It was only my second batch, so I thought that I had messed it up.