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    Successful wash?

    This was my first attempt at yeast washing. I used the sticky instructions from this forum to perform the process. I performed the wash after transferring a wheat to a secondary. Mixed the water with what was left In the bottom of the primary, let set 20min and then poured into the pint jars...
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    Cornelius Kegerator

    I found this on craigslist awhile back. Came with a 20lb Co2 tank and regulator. This is a purpose built kegerator not a converted unit. It runs but the fan is noisey and doesn't get real cold. Tried searching for info on this unit and found very little. Anyone seen these before? Would love any...
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    What do you use to hold your mash temp?

    So this was my first biab session coming from exclusively extract. I'd read a few things/ideas on holding mash temp. I used an emergency blanket and a sweat shirt. Worked ok till i tried to bring the temp up some. It shot over the range i was trying for ending up at 170°. Tried to lower the temp...
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    How do you clean your bags?

    I rinsed my grain bag and hop bag as soon as i was done with them with plain water and hung to dry. Should i use any kind of cleaner on them?
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    No Starter/Stirplate sticky?

    I was hoping to find a sticky with a walk through of making a yeast starter and using a stirplate for first timers here but to my surprise nothing. Plenty of info/feedback about "is my starter ok" or "is this enough for this". Can someone point to the right direction if not here where to find...
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    DIY Fail...

    So I've tried to make my own stir plate but after getting everything together and soldering it up nothing works. I'll be the first to say I know little to none about electric wiring but can build anything with good instructions (especially with diagrams). This seemed to be a very simple project...
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    Will this make anything drinkable?

    I have the following and would like to make a 5gal batch of beer that is drinkable. I don't have any software to try to make a recipe and I've never tried making anything that wasn't on a recipe sheet. Can anyone help me make something from this list please? Malts 3lbs extra light DME 1lb...
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    Getting no Head

    So I have been drinking a Dunkel Weiss Bier I made a little over a month and a half ago. This was my 8th brew to date and I think it tastes the best of everything I've made. The problem is it has no head on it. Out of the bottle it will sometimes come up to the top and once in awhile even start...
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    Mold on beer in fermentor?

    So i made a few 1 gallon batches (extract, some with steeping grains) to try some different kinds of beer. i have them in a temp controled freezer at roughly 63deg. I have been very slow to move from primary to secondary and have yet to bottle. I noticed some whitish stuff on the tops in small...
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    Magic Rat Brewing

    Just started brewing in Jan. after my loving wife bought me a new addiction for a christmas gift. Still only extract brewing but have jumped all in on equipment already with a lot of stuff from a chest freezer for controled fermenting to a brew pot with a ball valve and brewmometer i installed...