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    Massachusetts Selling everything, all grain supplies, kegs

    REVISED: CURRENTLY NOT LOOKING TO PART OUT. (Will separate kegging stuff if someone is interested in all kegging equipment) I no longer have time to brew and everything is taking up space in my basement. Local pickup only. 10 gal tall boy kettle with dip tube, recirc ball valve, temp gauge and...
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    Water report questions, looking for feedback

    I have been brewing for a few years and haven't really paid attention to my water before. I used to have town water and my beer always came out good so I never worried about it. I have recently moved to a new house and have well water. Now I am worried the change in water may change the...
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    steeping used dry-hops in bottle priming water

    I am bottling my MO/Mosaic SMaSH this evening which has been dry-hopping for the past 7 days (2 oz of hops). The thought just crossed my mind of taking the bag of used dry-hops and steeping them in the priming water before adding it to the bottling bucket. Would this add any significant hop...
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    Pouring 100% foam from tap

    I am new to kegging, got a kegerator and replaced the tower with a dual tap tower with perlick 650ss flow control faucets. Kegged my first beer (pumpkin ale) about a month ago and force carbed it with the set and forget method (12 psi at high 38 for temp) Everything worked fine, pours were...
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    DIY Wort Chiller (2 parallel coils)

    I am new to the forum and still new to homebrewing as well. Brewing my first AG batch tomorrow and cannot wait! After spending over an hour per batch to cool my extract brews in the sink with an ice bath, I finally picked up some copper tube to make a Immersion Chiller. I got a 50' 3/8"...