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    Gulo ale

    Does this yeast get sulfurous? I used Richmond VA tap water something possessed me to use 5 campden tabs over 9 gallons. All grain 5 gallon batch
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    nitro cold brew

    I made 5 gallons cold brew and recently got out up with a stout faucet and nitrogen. Does this work the same way as co2 and beer? I have it set at 50 psi and tried shaking it some but coffee backed up some into the gas line. I cleared it and am just letting it sit. It did not bubble like co2...
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    O rings

    Does anyone know the correct orings for ball lock kegs from McMaster Carr ? None of the links work anymore.
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    Copper equipment

    Any one have opinions on coppers effectiveness for chilling( and the safety of it plus any flavor impact) vs stainless. My 3 year old 3/8 inch 50 ft cooper chiller oxides so bad between brews that I just think it can't be good all that going into beer. I had it 2 brews ago develop a pea sized...
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    Is this stuff safe to use? Everything I find online says it gets filtered out. I have some I have never used and just want to know if anybody uses it like gelatin without getting sick having bad results or dying.
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    Green machine hops exp 06300

    Has anybody used these hops? I did 8 oz in hopstand yesterday and I'm a little worried because I saw a review that said they gave someone cucumber flavor.
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    Kettle bag scorch

    So I brewed and the brewbag kettle spider bag melted some because I'm an idiot and I was in a hurry. The batch looks darker than should. I'm wondering if it is still safe. There was even about 4 gal in kettle before I turned it on to get head start.
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    Using lots of hops and keeping them out of the keg

    I use bags throughout the process, hopspider for boil and I have dry hop bags that work well. The reason I ask is that I have been adding a hop charge during fermentation and I would like to just throw pellets in there but keep them out of keg. I feel like there is a good way but I just don't...
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    Possible infection

    If Chico strain took a beer to 1.002 would that be a very good indication of infection. I checked the ph and it was 4.67. There was no slime on top but it reminds me of previous issues where 3 batches all tasted the same due to sanitizing vs boiling wort chiller. It's a citrusy taste that isn't...
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    Mash ph

    Since I got a ph meter I have used ro water and built up with salts using Brewers friend. Two pale ales and a saison so far. The two pale ales were both 5.02 ph with a 4 gallon mash and 5 gal added for batch sparge which was 5.2 ph sample. The grain bill was light 9 lb 2 row 8 oz 20 l 4 oz...
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    Dryhopping in keg and fining

    Has anyone ever put hops in keg before at serving temp, then got it to serving temp opened it fined with bio fine or gelatin and then carbonate? I'm worried the hops will interfere with the finings.
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    Co2 regulator position

    Hi, Is there any reason not to tighten my regulator so the gauges are flat and I can see it easy in my keezer?
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    Ball lock poppets

    So I had a keg I primed with sugar for 5 days and needed it so I tapped it, was slightly carbed. Two weeks at 12 psi 39 degrees no increase in carb level. Took it apart and I noticed the poppets are different. The one I had on gas side has a flare piece below the top rubber part. I put it on the...
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    Ball lock lid

    So the ball lock keg lid can only fit correctly if installed one of the two ways possible to put it in there? I had a keg on gas for 5 days and nothing or not much. It looked like a little more gasket showed on one side but the thing looks like it would work either way. If it is I guess I got...
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    Kegging time question

    If I cold crashed then used gelatin in a batch of 1.050 pale ale at day 8 and kegged it really clear on day 10 will the green taste still improve over next few weeks? The hydrometer sample tasted a bit green, but it had been done a few days before cold crash. The krausen fell and it cleared to...
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    Dual body regulator

    So if I have the kind of tap rite regulator that can serve 2 kegs and one keg is hooked up. I can turn off the gas to carbed keg and set the second one at 30 psi for 24 hours to carbonate, then put both back to serving pressure and give the new one a few days. I feel like I'm not realizing...
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    Haier 5.0 chest freezer

    Does anyone know if this freezer will fit 2 ball lock kegs and a 5lb co2 tank inside without a collar? SAMs club has it up on a rack that I can't see in.
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    Anti-foam drops

    I used this for first time on my last two brews and after 3 weeks tasting the ready one I'm wondering if it's possible the product is not meant for bottle conditioning or if I used too much, There is a flatish taste maybe like silicone but it could be something normal I guess. I used 4 drops in...
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    Is it true I can't boil a starter directly on a metal coil type stove? I have some fermcap and it would save me trouble so I want to but I'm hesitant. I have heard that you can and that you can't from different sources. In a flask I mean.
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    U.S.-05 tan colored exploded egg white looking globs that float (2eggs worth about)

    I have never seen this in 1.5 years brewing and it worries me a little. The transfer from kettle looked milky too, like a shaken yeast starter. I might have pitched a little hot, chilled to 90 then 4-5 hours in ice cooler before pitch. It is fermenting with a small krausen, brewed Monday. I...