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    What beer/homebrew blogs/magazines do you read?

    Zymurgy and brulosophy. Used to listen to the Brewing Network when Jamil was on there. Sometimes Brew Your Own.
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    Do you treat water and check pH?

    If I'm making a Porter or pale ale, 1 tsp. for 5 gal. works well. I made a Stout which had issues (finished high)--should have at least added the gypsum for the calcium, but probably would have benefited from a touch of bicarbonate or lime. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Home Brew mobile app
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    AM I Crazy? Or should beer be simple and enjoyable?

    Haha, I think it was meant to be "rhetorical" [emoji16]
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    AM I Crazy? Or should beer be simple and enjoyable?

    My hat is off to anyone who can make (drinkable) beer from grass! My mom's Uncle used to make wine, but it tasted like Thunderbird. He probably enjoyed it; not sure anyone else did.
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    AM I Crazy? Or should beer be simple and enjoyable?

    I agree that it should be enjoyable! Yes, it should taste good, but if you are going to make beer, the obvious questions are "why does it taste good?" and "what would make it better?" at that point, you are into analysis!
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    FG 1.022?

    I think the salt would probably slow yeast activity a bit, as with bread.
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    How to keep Trub out of the fermenter

    It's a "shortcut" to express what ABI would call "brew house efficiency".
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    WLP007 Slow Fermentation

    Good replies here--i think that the high-ish mash temp and the high proportion of Crystal malt are probably the cause. However, don't be discouraged--it might be great. Don't worry too much about the numbers. Brulosophy X-beeriments have shown that people can't tell the difference between a 5%...
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    Tired of kits. How to make from scratch?

    You could always browse the recipes on this site.
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    Sierra Nevada Resilience

    Local nano-brewery here (Akronym) brewed it & it was great! Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Home Brew mobile app
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    Why doesn’t everyone BIAB?

    Tradition, I guess, is part of it, as well as a small increase in efficiency.
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    My very first home brew!

    I approve of the beer and the glass!
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    How consistent is US05 attenuation?

    Possible wild yeast infection in first batch? Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Home Brew mobile app
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    Fumbling through my first brew day.

    I don't think you're supposed to put boiling water (212F) in that type of cooler. Probably cools pretty quickly, though. Not really necessary to sanitize mash vessel. Clean & rinse well.
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    PSA: Foolproof Stuck-Ferment-Fixer

    I had a dubbel that finished high, I added some alpha amylase and let it ferment for a while, bottled when I thought it was done. The problem is that it keeps going, slowly. Ended up with gushers, and I think it tasted better when it was sweet. It took away a lot of the maltiness. I bet if you...
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    PSA: Foolproof Stuck-Ferment-Fixer

    I think I would just keg it as is. You're probably not going to improve it at this point.
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    3 word story

    . Meanwhile, back on
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    I need a good (but not too good) whiskey for my Imperial Stout

    750 ml, aka a "fifth", is pretty much the standard size bottle.
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    Brand New! How do I start?

    I think I started by reading 'the complete joy of homebrewing', but if you don't like reading, it's easy enough to just walk into a local hb supply shop & tell them you're a beginner. Tell them what you like to drink--most of the beginner styles are ales, like pale ale, Porter, Stout--but some...
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    Brewers best hop additions

    It's right there, on bottom right of page 1. "Brew day schedule". Must have thrown in an extra pack.