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    Nitrogen tank with CO2 regulator / adapter

    Just purchased a nitro tank etc and the adapter to fit a co2 regulator. Question is will this work for a dual regulator, I have a micromatic that the 2nd gauge is showing up to 3k psi....but I will be running 2 nitro lines off of it.
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    Bubble Gum WLP005

    So I just kegged 2 batches brewed with the same harvested WLP005 yeast. Both have a bubble gum aroma which I've never had before. Is there any way to save these? I am thinking of letting the kegs sit at room temp for a couple of weeks to see if things can clear up. I fermented around 64 and...
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    Damn fruit fly

    Just noticed one in my starter....dammit
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    Initial pour smells a little bit like cheese??

    I just poured a first pint of a new batch, and the initial smell is a little bit like cheese. After the head goes down the smell goes away and the beer tastes fine. Wtf? Disclosure I completely pitched enough healthy yeast, pure oxygen etc etc...
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    Cleveland or Detroit or Minneapolis?

    Will be in Chicago next month for work, plan on renting a car for a few days and am thinking of either heading east or west...thoughts? BTW have already been to 3F, Bells Founders etc
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    Craft Brew Conference

    Anyone here? I'm here for work, would love to chat with anyone who is here....awesome show
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    Dallas / Austin Breweries

    Heading to TX for the week for work, what breweries / BBQ joints should I go to? Will be in Dallas - Austin - Houston
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    Indianapolis - Best place for a beer?

    Will be driving through the midwest next week and will stop in Indy for lunch / beer. We will only have a couple of hours to stop, what are suggestions for the best brewery / brewpub to go to??
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    Enjoy By 7/4

    Is it just me or is this one less hoppy? My pale almost seems to have more aroma. Not a bad beer but not what I was expecting Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Fort Worth

    I am on my way to Ft Worth for a few days for work, where should I go for beer / food? I am planning on going to Rahr & Sons and flying Saucer, anywhere else I should go?? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    New Perlick 630ss

    Just got mine today, thanks for the fast shipping Birdman Brewing. Very nice upgrade! Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Need advice for keeping IPA's fresh for NHC

    So I just kegged among other beers an IPA, IIPA, and a Rye IIPA a week ago that I want to enter into the NHC. I was just going over the entry / judging dates and it is around the end of March or so which will put these beers just over 2 months in the kegs. I know they will still be somewhat...
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    25% off Hops

    Just a heads up Yakima Valley hops has 25% off of orders today (maybe until noon PST tomorrow) and 8oz of Centennial free with $75 or more. 5lbs of freshness headed my way :rockin:
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    "Today's" posts vs. "New" posts

    Does anyone know the difference? I see both new and old posts on both links, is there any difference I'm not noticing?
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    Diacetyl still in Pilsner

    I brewed an Imperial Pilsner back in January, did a d-rest for 3 days and let it lager for about 7 weeks. I racked to a keg about a week ago and just sampled it today and there is still some noticeable diacetyl in the. I have searched and there seems to be different opinions if the lager...
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    Favorite Bar Food????

    I recently had a few beers at a local brewpub, and it seemed the beer was better than the beer which made me think of all the great food I've had over the years at bars/brewpubs. What is your favorite bar food you've had???
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    Pliny the Younger virgin no more....

    Just had Pliny the Younger for the first time earlier today, a local spot tapped their keg. I have been unsuccessful for the past 2 years at trying this beer, and wow....worth the wait. Awesome beer and very smooth for over 10%.
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    Refractomemter Scale question - help

    Hey all, quick question about the scale on refractometers. I am about to purchase one and after doing research have learned that by multiplying the brix scale by 4 you roughly get the SG. For example if you get a brix reading of 10, SG is roughly 1.040 and so on. But then why does the scale...
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    Anyone experience problems with WLP 036?

    This is the second time I've used this strain and both times I've had problems. The first time was about a month ago and after 3-4 days fermentation stopped (took gravity readings to verify). I got that batch going after swirling the carboy and it finished up, but I'm afraid the final taste...
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    Help with fermentation

    I've searched through many stuck fermentation threads and didn't find what I was looking for so that is why I am posting Stuck Fermentation thread #958494.... I have an Alt that is stuck at 1.030 after two weeks. I took off the blow off today to take a reading, and it was bubbling every 8...