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  1. blacksailj

    Hoff Steven keg question.

    I have a question for those who use Hoff Steven kegs. I acquired 2 of these cask at a flea market and filled one to test out. When I tapped the keg it leaked through the base of the cuppler which makes me believe that i need some sort of gasket to prevent this. I was able to drink off the keg...
  2. blacksailj

    Central PA barley growers???

    Im seeing who on here lives in, or near, central Pennsylvania that grows barley. I have a test package of barley to grow a 3x3 plot,once I get that down I can upgrade size. Ive started research on growing, but would like to have a local that I can asked questions if needed. To start, Ive read...
  3. blacksailj

    Kreusen by an Ale ?!

    Sure can I use to do it all the time
  4. blacksailj

    Advanced Texts

    Advanced brewing techniques by George & Laura Fixx
  5. blacksailj

    House Rules for Brewing

    I have a page that I created to record all aspect of brewing such as volumes, temperatures, gravities, pH and such. As long as I follow this and fill it out I will have all the info I need to look back at the full process for mistakes or to make any calibrations needed. If I filling this paper...
  6. blacksailj

    McAlisterville Pa???

    I moved to the farmlands of McAlisterville Pa17049 and wondering if there are any homebrewers, clubs, or brewing community in the local area. I am learning the area and figured this is a good place to start looking. Cheers- Jason Simmons
  7. blacksailj

    help with gruit

    I'm looking to do a gruit ale for a wedding shindig in the summer and would like to hear everyone's thoughts and suggestions on the herbs. Still working on the fine details. Thanks 5.5gal batch 90minute boil 4.5%abv WLP001 Cal Ale Golden Promise 75% Honey 10% @ 30min Honey 10% @ 5min Flaked...
  8. blacksailj

    Craziest thing you have put in a mash or boil

    Pretzels (unsalted) in the mash for PretzAle Brown Ale. It came out amazing
  9. blacksailj

    Im brewing my peanut butter porter tonight.....

    That's interesting, that you put it in the entire boil. What was the amount/gal?
  10. blacksailj

    Im brewing my peanut butter porter tonight.....

    Oddly I was talking about this earlier with another brewer. Living next to Hershey, I made a Reese Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Stout using a large jar of Reeses Peanut Butter. It came out great!
  11. blacksailj

    Online homebrew recipe calculators

  12. blacksailj

    Obtaining Male hop plants

    I was going to make a post but found this before I did so, so I will add on. Im pretty sure I found male hop plants on my nature walk near Harrisburg Pa and I like the OP stated they are pretty useless for brewing. Any idea how you would go about using these unknown variety of male hop plants...
  13. blacksailj

    Mineral content of MoreBeer! Extract?

    If that's the case I contacted Briess to find out their mineral content, here is the response I got. "Our water contains approximately 63mg/L Sulfate,& 28mg/L Chloride. We brew at 16 Plato, then concentrate to 80% or 98% solids. If Briess extracts contributes 16 Plato to your wort you should...
  14. blacksailj

    New to water chemistry and need help!!!!

    From my understanding you have 2 salt additions, one in the mash and the other in the kettle. For the mash you need to calculate how much water is used and add salts for that volume. Assume that each pound of grain absorbs 0.5 quarts of water and subtract that from your dough in volume. This is...
  15. blacksailj

    Pellet Hops In Garage Storage?

    Or open them and place them in a brown paper bag and let sit for another year to use in a lambic that use old hops.
  16. blacksailj

    how bare bones can you brew?

    Na you just need a good burning fire
  17. blacksailj

    how bare bones can you brew?

    If were camping in the woods and brewing a beer I think all I might need is a kettle, lid for overnight chilling, mashtun, 2 buckets (acts a my lautering tun)and ingredients. Heat source can be a camp fire. I think that should about do it. Oh ya and sanitizer.
  18. blacksailj

    What is this plant? hops maybe?

    Yup that's what it looks like, Japanese Hops. Man what a tease.Endless field of uselessness.