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    pH change from protein to sacc rest

    I almost always do single infusions and have my water and recipes down to where I know what to add (salts and acids) to get to 5.4-5.6 every time. Today, I was doing two batches with protein rests since I was using raw wheat (never again btw LOL). I was a little surprised to see my pH during...
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    Beer making 21st century...cheese making 19th century

    I'm posting this here because, when it comes to anything scientific like this, beer makers are way ahead of any other food maker out there. I'd post it on the cheese making board, but it more of a general sanitizing question. Almost every cheese making recipe has this as the first step...
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    Calcium Chloride

    Well, I've done beer, wine, mead, cider...why not cheese. :mug: Between beer and wine, I seem to have most of the chemicals needed. I plan to only use raw milk, where I guess you don't need CaCl2. But, you never know and it is hard to find unpasteurized goat milk. So, with a big pouch of...
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    Easier stove top brewing

    I was answering another thread for a pretty common question: doing mashes in an apartment, then using two pots to boil on the stove. Here is a procedure, maybe it is common knowledge, but I just thought of it and can't find it anywhere (search function rarely works for me here though LOL)...
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    Testing TA with a pH meter

    Ok, I have a pH meter which makes testing red wines easy. However, to save NaOH solution (and wine), it makes sense to use like 10 ml of wine, and some 8.2 pH dilution fluid to cover the probe. Got it. However, I've had a tough time making 8.2 solution from distilled water and NaOH. First, the...
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    Boxed wine bags

    Boxed wine is not (mostly) poor quality because it is in bags; but because people won't pay for good wine in bags in the U.S. (in France they recognize that bags are perfect for home use). There is now some okay boxed wine in this country; which means you could enjoy some wine and have the bag...
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    Malolactic fermentation

    Making my first wine, thawing out the grapes currently (making a dry red wine), probably start fermentation tomorrow. The LHBS didn't have any bacteria in stock and won't get any until next weekend. I looked online, but the shipping kills you (those flat rate shipping deals that are good for...
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    Too much for a newbie?

    I've been fooling around making a wine from blueberry jam, and decided to try the real thing. As an all grain brewer, I never liked just adding water and yeast to an already made product. So, kits were around but I wanted to use fresh grapes. But of course, wrong time of year for that. But I...
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    Aerating the must

    I've brewed beer for a long time and want to fool around making some wine. One thing I've noticed in wine recipes is that there is no step for aerating the must. Now, if you never heat the juice then that makes sense. But a lot of recipes, especially country wines, do boil the water and/or...
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    flexible hose for CO2

    I need an additional length of hose for the CO2 in my kegging system. Is there anything special about the hose that is sold by HBS and keg stores, or can I just stop by the local Home Depot and get the black vinyl hose they sell?
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    wheel barrow full of hops at the end

    In these forums, I repeatedly see recipes that call for ounces of hops thrown into the wort towards the end of the boil. 5-8 oz of different varieties of hops thrown in the last 15 min, many times with 3-4 oz thrown in at 5 min to shut off. I can only imagine the green goo that is in the boil...
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    1272 head fake

    First brew I've ever used Wyeast 1272 on (in the past I've used 1056 or 1084) and it did something unexpected. It is 5.5 gal. batch in a 6.5 gal carboy. I had affixed a blow off tube and fermentation started quickly (in about 3-4 hours). It was really bubbling but the krausen was not that...
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    Aged, really aged

    Had a flood in our basement. While moving stuff around to get to all the puddles, I found a one gallon bottle of mead. This might be 12 years old, at least 5 years. Hard to tell since I never marked the bottle. Tried it, was stale. I don't think the screw top held up. Pretty looking...
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    Lauter tun dead space

    Has anyone ever added gravel, marbles, et al to the lauter tun under the false bottom or piping to reduce volume lost below the spigot? Cleaned aquarium gravel, for instance, could reduce the volume below the spigot but still allow fines to fall out.