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    a small unhopped german beer for children?

    It turns out that I vaguely know an older German fellow who's wife just gave birth to his first child. They tell me that he vaguely recalls that there was a beer he was given small drinks of as a small child to help him sleep. Almost no alcohol, and very sweet. He has no idea what it was...
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    Green Flash brewery - recommendations?

    Next week i will be working at a resort/conference hotel in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego. I see that the Green Flash brewery / brew-pub will be within walking distance. Any locals or other people who have been there have recommendations on food & beverage? I have seen...
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    Another pickup tube option - elbow + silicone

    So tonight i finally drilled a hole in my HLT for one of the weldless kits i bought from bargainfittings ages ago. I'd seen some posts about how a simple elbow fitting works fine as a pickup tube, so i ordered some with my valves. And then for months i worried about whether i would end up...
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    WTB: Spare pin lock posts

    I have 9 pin lock kegs so i am pretty much going to go with pin locks. Today i noticed that at least one of them is missing a pin from a post, so now i am thinking it would be a good idea to have a couple sets of extra posts. I know i can buy these from but i figured that...
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    Proper selection of coriander?

    I'm brewing a hoegaarden clone type wit this weekend. I had been planning on using whatever coriander i had around the house. Bought dried orange peel at the LHBS with the rest of my ingredients. And by happenstance when i took my growler to a local brewery to get some beer for the weekend...
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    So my brother gave me 2 pounds of english 2-row with a pound of crystal 135 mixed in

    He's moving across the country, so, his spare grain went into my freezer. Also some belgian chocolate. I think i have a couple pounds of american 2-row in the freezer already, and probably various small quantities of other crystal, etc. What would you brew?
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    Wheat beer yeast for ciders? Banana and clove esters?

    I've searched a bit but there seems to be no single really handy search query to find out if many people have done this. What about an esterous wheat beer yeast in cider? I am planning, when i get a round tuit, to brew a 1 gallon batch of an experiment I'm calling "buckwit". I've got an...
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    so i just finished my first Hoegaarden and i have to say

    that i have wasted my life. why did i buy only one? the ABC store closed over an hour ago. Now i need to figure out which clone recipe I'm using on my next brew day.
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    adding aquarium controller to freezer - where to route thermistor?

    I'm done wiring and have control of my 5cf reach-in freezer, a ConAgra SC-142. It has a Samsung compressor in it, but i can't find any technical diagrams other than the schematic on the back. When it's on, the condensation and frost only collects on the top 15 inches or so of the interior...
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    Advice: Calibrate your fermentation chamber BEFORE you brew, and then LEAVE IT ALONE

    That is what i learned yesterday. Last week, I bought a 5cf freezer of the commercial sort. A reach-in. Like they stick in a wide aisle at a grocery store. This one advertises Reddi-Wip. After some fiddling with the knob on the front, i determined that it is capable of some measure of...
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    In-line compressed air regulator as secondary co2 regulator?

    So while i was at the Home Depot today getting my bottle of oxygen, I turned around and noticed that in-line regulators with 1/4 NPT fittings can be had for about $20. My general guess is that these are in no way intended to withstand the kind of pressure that direct connection to a co2 tank...
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    Squatters Big Cottonwood Amber Ale clone?

    Not that I'm sold on the idea of cloning a recipe and brewing it again and again, but it's my favorite amber, and it won the World Beer Cup gold medal for american amber ale this year, so i will admit to wanting a close recipe to brew and adjust to my own desires. That's what we're here for...
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    On the proper cleaning of used industrial carboys

    Every once in a while we come across a deal on a glass carboy that can't be passed up. Often bearing a label warning of chemical contents. I intend this thread to become a repository of information on how to clean them so as to be certain you aren't poisoning yourself. A good friend of mine...
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    Is it stuck or not? Repitched with starter, 2 days of activity, gravity barely moved

    This is a continuation of the ongoing saga of my rogue hazelnut brown clone, as started here: A week ago the hydrometer was reading 1.031, i bought pacman yeast, made a 1L...
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    Tell me if my keg sanitation regime is good

    I talk like i know what I'm doing but I'm just a smart n00b. Right now i have one beer aging in a keg and there might be something wrong with it. My frustration with that brew inspired me to join the cult of star-san. My elder brothers and mentors in brewing would be so ashamed, as they are of...
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    Possible to reform buckled cooler interior?

    I have a 10 gallon rubbermaid cooler mash tun that i bought used from another local member here (thanks!) that has buckled inward, like they all seem to. There seems to be some sentiment that this is what happens to all of them, and that eventually it will split. It came with a backup cooler...
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    Rasenmäher Kölsch. Nicht reinheitsgebot.

    It's past time for me to have brewed a good lawnmower beer. The summer heat is arriving. Initially i was thinking a cream ale, and my grain bill reflects that, but i got talked into making a kölsch, and then bought the appropriate yeast. I'm using some of the leftover hops in my freezer...
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    Aw nuts. Bought a couple weird old carboys

    Went to a yard sale. House that used to be the home of a vintner, back when much of that neighborhood was vineyards. Bought two carboys for $10/ea. Nice blueish glass (old?), weird neck that supports a screw cap i will probably never find, and torn shipping labels indicating that they...
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    Concord grapes in a witbier?

    My house came with a vineyard of sorts. More concord grapes than i have a use for (anybody wanna buy some jelly?) and some as-yet-unidentified table grape (fruit varying in color from green to deep red). On chain link fence, of course. I've tried ignoring the vines - they just produce more...
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    malt-based rootbeer?

    When i was making my batch of rogue hazelnut brown nectar clone yesterday, i tasted the runnings and they reminded me immediately of the flavors that play supporting roles in Barqs rootbeer. So much that i had to go get some rootbeer before the boil was over, because i kept thinking about...